Essential Inventory buys fake likes and followers

We got whispered about Essential Inventory buying likes and followers.

I’ve noticed something very weird to the most “famous?” page on SL Facebook. Seems that the most of their likes are fakes and bought with FB promotion system. Below are only three of the fake likes on advertises I have noticed for the past two weeks. One photo took 1.4 K likes of fakes followers that is real peoples accounts and not sl players. Please give a lot of attention to this matter cause I know some good friends of mine designers paid a lot of money (over 20.000 l ) to get advertised to this page. Designers must be aware of this before they choose to pay in order to put in this page an advertise. Its so bad people to make scams to gain money with fake ways.

We all know that designers need to promote their brands but really buying likes and followers who are not in Second Life πŸ€” is it really worth it or does it makes these Real Life people suddenly join SL? Is this really such a big brand in second Life? most of us never heard of them though πŸ€” makes us wonder.

Source : Facebook

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