MVW – What Really is Chillicalifornia? Transgender or Gay Male?

It seem the 2017 result for the MVW has been announced and we got whispered about Chillicalifornia.

“Either MVW is ignorant and doesnt know the definition of what a transgender person is or chillicalifornia (MISS UKRAINE 2017) is lying and has them fooled! MVW changed the rules for their yearly pageant allowing transgender people to apply…

ANNOUNCING MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2017 Audition Information | Miss Virtual World (Check Rule 10)

This is great and a wonderful way to acknowledge an important part of our community and promoting inclusivity

BUT do they really know what the difference is between someone who is transgender as in born with the body of one gender but truly identifies as the opposite and someone who just likes to dress up female??? because… chillicalifornia is a gay male. He doesn’t identify himself as female. what a drama-mongerer!! add this lie to how he issued a public apology for all the people he screwed over in the past on facebook. how ironic is it that all of a sudden he cares about apologizing for all the drama he started and how angelic his heart is supposedly now that he’s trying to win a title? compare his posts now from the ones a few months ago, way to change his tune.Ā 

The point then .. is MVW THAT ignorant that they don’t know the difference between what a transgender person is versus a gay male in real life that likes to dress up as a female avatar? or is chillicalifornia just a lying fake?

10 thoughts on “MVW – What Really is Chillicalifornia? Transgender or Gay Male?

  1. Seriously? You’re going to spout on about MVW using the wrong or incorrect words? How about you start with yourself and check your stupid blog for types and wrong words. LOL I see them all over.


  2. Crista does not hide the fact that she is a boy. I highly doubt that she told the judges and staff at MVW that she was transgendered, as many of them know exactly who she is. Anyone would have called her out on it. Adding other genders into the pageant was an effort I started over a year ago while I was at BOSL… So instead of smearing someone for doing something that they were allowed to do, or bringing up someone’s past, you should have been investigating further on what the half wits who are now at BOSL and MVW really do believe a transgender person is. Were they looking for someone that is a female avi no matter what their gender was in RL (which then they used the wrong term…), or were they really looking for a transgendered person in RL? Either way I don’t see how Crista’s action have anything to do with the misguided decisions of the current staff at BOSL/MVW.


  3. Hi, I don’t get the point of this little smear job. (Sure, I do hehehe the point is over 300 USD, and trying to eliminate a very FIERCE competitor). IF Reign doesn’t discriminate against transgenders AND holds confidential voice verification MUST she share the results with The Whisperer? What Reign most CERTAINLY cannot do is share ANY RL info in-world about her contestants. (I know enough Lindens personally to make such an abuse report stick. hehehehehe Ya’ll know who I’m is! If not google me ;p)

    My point is if EVERYONE is allowed to participate in MVW according to how thy play SL (identify in SL) why should YOU or anyone care. Reign makes the rules. It’s her dime. If you want to win, COMPETE. A smear job is tantamount to cheating. It’s NOT strolling down the cat walk. Trust me I’m an expert in smear jobs šŸ˜›

    Once, I dug in my pocket and gave a pack of pornstars 300 USD in The Pixel X Awards and them re res cheated all day long. Monies motivates I expect.


    • Crista is a decent stylist. Between his skill set and his friends offering help, he will do well in the competition. He definitely is in the top 30% of those competing. With his alleged new leaf, he is in it to win it. The issue is that Crista is not transgender, he is an openly gay male in real life. Reign does make the rules, it’s her money BUT she needs to get her shit together. When the rules changed and with who is allowed to compete it’s clear as crystal she meant to say that all female avatars regardless of real life gender can compete. Instead she jumps on the social bandwagon and uses the word transgender. All she needs to do is own up to her complete ignorance and change the rules to say what she actually meant because this is insulting to any actual transgender person. Own up Reign and fix it.

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      • I completely agree comfortably anonymous. Reign adding that little clause is just a shallow attempt to appear progressive. Crista is well known in modeling circles; and, is completely forthcoming about her RL in her personal associations. Crista is not transgender but a female in SL much like Torley Linden. Using the word “transgender” is irrelevant and unnecessary and confusing.

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  4. It sounds like Mr./Ms. Wellens is simply trying to clear his/her slate to appear to be in good standings with the public. It just seems extremely self serving to ask for a generalized, blanketed forgiveness to an unknown amount of people. If he/she truly wanted to start fresh, wouldn’t he/she want to contact each person and ask for forgives, privately. To feel, I don’t know, “pure”? Instead, he/she made a spectacle of the whole situation. Just seems extremely self-serving and shallow to make, what should be private apologizes, a public event. I hope whoever this person is, they are not putting another facade on to appear nice, just to win a pageant.


    • Sometimes there are people that you may or may not know of who you have unknowingly slighted in the past. A general statement such as this is geared towards those people, not just the ones that they know of. You may not know if they ever contacted those they do know directly if it was private.


      • General statements made on social media are done for attention. If he really did apologize privately, he would have noted that and noted that this blanket apology is for anyone he inadvertently offended in the past. The timing is curious too. Why now? Why not a month ago? It’s a weak attempt to get back in the good graces of fools who will believe a new leaf is turned just because they read it on the internet.


    • Once you’ve reached a certain amount of notoriety in SL it is entirely possible to have slighted, offended, and hurt people you have never even met. Were I to apologize for ALL the bad stuff that I have done, it would require a generalized, blanket apology. HOWEVER, I aint apologizing for NOTHING! Everybody I EVER did anything bad to HAD. IT. COMING. šŸ™‚
      (Plus my mama calls me her lil angel and SHE aint WRONG about NOTHING hehehehe).

      Further, I know Crista personally and count her as one of my pals. If she did something bad to somebody and apologized, COOL. IF she ever decides to do anything bad to anybody in the future, I’m gona be right there helping her out!


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