Jakobat- the latest i Ƞ e R t i a boi 😂

Just as proper ladies change their wardrobes every second, we see that Inertia changes her boys with every blink of her eyes. 

Three blinks ago she dumped Bootney Blessed, and was with Enzo. With another blink Enzo was gone and there we all thought she was mourning the lose of him, but here comes Jakobat 🙈

Lets use this medium to welcome Jakobat and wish him a safe sailing and a definite proper landing 😂🙄 

Source : Flickr

20 thoughts on “Jakobat- the latest i Ƞ e R t i a boi 😂

  1. the jakoblah is back and she or he (we dunno verywell) is at the height of the ridiculous!!!

    “The Neverfar Project specializes in bringing our signature shabby vintage style to your space. With our meticulous attention to detail and only the best in Second Life decor and landscaping items, we’ll bring your dream to life from a single room to a full sim.

    To get a feel for our style, please come visit us at : Neverfar

    All landscaping and decors are done by Caridee Sparta”

    neverfar?? nevariver??? shabby?? really?? look like dejavu caridee copycat.


    • How can she be even so arrogant with being obviously a copycat and fake? The people that fav her Flickr shit should wake up. Look at her. She jumps each month from bed to bed talking about true love while she have a RL hubby? (And who knows if she is really that woman on the RL pics)


  2. 4 weeks for each boi. This boi can break the standard!!! Someone should ask them about the reasons they RUN away so fast! LOL


  3. the desesperate housewife who wanted to be Neva and increased her popularity with the big up boi i really think this gal has a mental problem (and you forgot to mention some other boi ;))


    • Inertia and luna leonard must be the same person lmao they are both depesperate to be Neva and go through 2 men a month while their rl kids are sitting shouting for food lmao .


      • Desperate to be Neva? I don’t think anyone is that desperate. NEVA is the worst of the whole lot. The fake queen shitting all over, I mean smiling, all of her adoring “friends”. ROFL


          • LMAO !! INERTIA is a frustrated housewife hidden behind an avatar who dreams to get popularity and running after all the male around, crying I love you in all language to different boi each month ! so who has the best way ? She is the biggest wanna be with a buldog face ROFL :))


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