Second Life Prostitution? Blurring the lines of legal and Illegal?

We got whispered and the spotlight is on Phedre Luckless – Owner of Indulge  Gentlemen’s Club and some more news about Rian from previous post.


Phedre Luckless runs a Gentleman’s club called Indulge Gentlemen’s Club. Traditionally, lindens are tipped to dancers/escorts for their services. This keeps the transaction “in game.” However, if you look at her profile, you will see that she encourages her clients/customers, to take it beyond the realm of Second Life and into real life, by purchasing her things on her “wish list.” Isn’t this crossing the boundary from a gratuity in Second Life to prostitution? Last I saw, prostitution was illegal. How can this be endorsed by Second Life or tolerated? Did I happen to mention, she is also the one who is harboring the con artist you recently whispered about, Sebastian, Rian? Yes, she took in the con artist when fleeing the last scene of her real life crime. Yes you heard me right, Sebastian/Rian is a woman. Sounds like they are both accustomed to breaking the law to benefit themselves. Two peas in a pod.

9 thoughts on “Second Life Prostitution? Blurring the lines of legal and Illegal?

  1. Since when is getting a gift from an admirer a form of prostitution? She’s not offering sex in exchange for wishlist items. This accusation is completely ridiculous. In that case we better boycott Christmas. And getting flowers from a romantic interest. Lord knows that would corrupt society.


  2. So this is not really a gossip column, but a libel column, because suggesting that Phedre Luckless) is a criminal is a libel. Prostitution may be illegal in some places, but in many it is not, asides from that the last I checked prostitution was having actual real life sex with someone for dollars, in Second Life escorts role-play/voice/text/cam for dollars. If you are suggesting this is illegal I suggest you contact the feds about all the multitude of cam girls (or guys) or phone sex girls (or guys) because it is quite a big thing upon the internet. And yes like many others said here LOTS of people have wish lists, so good luck reporting all those people to Linden Labs, you are going to be busy for a while darlins.


    • Pinks, who are you to talk, with your retarded ponytail and collar picture on your Facebook ? Ponytails are for young girls , NOT you!!


  3. sounds like you have an axe to grind, I know of a lot people, escorts and non escorts alike, that have wishlists, posting links to amazon as well as many other “RL” websites… small minded pettiness aside, there is nothing illegal about stating that she likes nice things…

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  4. You really felt the need to publish this attempt at click bait?Findom has been around for years in both the virtual world and the real world. There is nothing illegal about having a wishlist. If their is then anyone getting married that has a gift registry is also doing illegal business. She doesn’t appear to be demanding anything,simply posting a wishlist which if you look on a million second life accounts they all have.


  5. Be like Elsa let it go already, there are a lot of escort clubs, a lot of escorts on SL. They are breaking no laws, Lots of women play men, some are transgender, some are women who cares.

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  6. There are no laws on the books regarding animated pixel avatars fucking for money. No sex is being exchanged. Sex involves two, or more, human beings engaged flesh to flesh, not keyboard to keyboard. There is nothing illegal in what she’s doing. I took a look at her profile and she’s not even stating she’ll have virtual sex with anyone for items on her wishlist. She simply posts the links and suggests people buy her things. Looks like she’s into the whole femdom/findom thing. Big deal.

    Argue the morality of it if you want, but the legality isn’t in question.

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