i Ƞ e R t i a – Caridee Sparta Love Affair is Over Again!

Okay this seem to be trending right now,some weeks ago this couple i Ƞ e R t i a – Caridee Sparta (owner of Neverfar sim)  and Enzo Santana were all over the place shortly after her split with ex Bootney Blessed. The latest is these two have gone their separate ways 🙄

Images : Flickr

11 thoughts on “i Ƞ e R t i a – Caridee Sparta Love Affair is Over Again!

  1. the whole blog here is nothing but a bucket full of shit ! inertia can do what she want and with whom she want .And if she want to do everyday pictures with others, it is not your buisness.
    the both have fun to make beautiful pics,whats wrong on it ?!
    you all , who spit those stupid rumors about everyone have gradually forget why we are in SL ,
    to have fun and just enjoy the time !

    get a live peeps, cheers


    • Okay Inertia, we hear you.
      Now you can go back to not blogging for a while due to personal reasons…oh wait, just like your men…
      You changed your mind about that too. #attentionwhoremuch


    • It’s ok, caridee! Don’t make us a drama show here. You are just a little flame, as you are irl. Just a housewife, calling it business lol but you work for your husband! Lololol


    • The word is “life” not “live” and I have one thanks.
      If you’re so happy in yours then why are you wasting time commenting on here and reading this “bucket full of shit” LOL
      Get back to having fun and enjoying the time and quit telling other people what the fuck they can and can’t do like some fucking dictator.


      • *rolls eyes PixieP what you are telling people to do is exactly what you are doing your self. I get that being a fan makes people blind and stupid . I also see that if anyone has an opinion that does not fit in with the fans then words like: haters and jealousy is thrown out there. It is a bit difficult to hate on this Inertia person as she looks like 90% of the flickr darlings out there and so does her pictures. So please come at us with another excuse as to why we cant be here voicing our opinion as being jealous or hating them is just not it . Try again .


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