Paradox Mesmer – Mr MVW blames Seraphim for his Failures πŸ™ˆ

We got whispered about Paradox Mesmer pointing fingers at Seraphim as the cause of his failure. 

Paradox Mesmer (max ruedi on Facebook ) – Current Mr Virtual World who has a reputation for being a drama whore with a disturbing belief that everyone is out to get him.

Few nights ago posted on his Facebook page actually pointing fingers at seraphim as the reason why he and his event is a failure, cry me a river πŸ™„ and this post sure generated a lot of heated exchange on his page. 

Also sad is the fact that he deleted all comments on the post and even editted his initial post and thanks to Facebook edit history we could retrieve his previous post even though he deleted all comments, we can still catch his edits.

We are aware that a gyazo is going around of the heated conversation, above is the only one been captured so far, anyone who has it should share with the whispers 😬😜

Source : Facebook

Essential Inventory buys fake likes and followers

We got whispered about Essential Inventory buying likes and followers.

I’ve noticed something very weird to the most “famous?” page on SL Facebook. Seems that the most of their likes are fakes and bought with FB promotion system. Below are only three of the fake likes on advertises I have noticed for the past two weeks. One photo took 1.4 K likes of fakes followers that is real peoples accounts and not sl players. Please give a lot of attention to this matter cause I know some good friends of mine designers paid a lot of money (over 20.000 l ) to get advertised to this page. Designers must be aware of this before they choose to pay in order to put in this page an advertise. Its so bad people to make scams to gain money with fake ways.

We all know that designers need to promote their brands but really buying likes and followers who are not in Second Life πŸ€” is it really worth it or does it makes these Real Life people suddenly join SL? Is this really such a big brand in second Life? most of us never heard of them though πŸ€” makes us wonder.

Source : Facebook

See who decides to use the Blogger’s Manager Hammer – Ava Jhamin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We just whispered about Ava Jhamin -Chop Zeuy Blogger Manager and one of her staff (fired now) Laura GeniaViper – Blogger Manager Flippart having a back to back wording on their Facebook post.

Okay read while our lips are totally sealed🀐

I hate giving this idiot any attention because she likes to bath in it and has some weird delusion of grandeur when she really is the biggest joke in the modeling industry (second only to that hethwen guy who is full of shit more about him some other time). anyway ava… everything about her is tacky and nooby.

Someone she managed to become the blogger for chop zuey and well this post speaks for itself. check attachments. maybe someone needs to tell the owner of chop zuey what a piss poor job ava is.

Source : Facebook

MVW – What Really is Chillicalifornia? Transgender or Gay Male?

It seem the 2017 result for the MVW has been announced and we got whispered about Chillicalifornia.

“Either MVW is ignorant and doesnt know the definition of what a transgender person is or chillicalifornia (MISS UKRAINE 2017) is lying and has them fooled! MVW changed the rules for their yearly pageant allowing transgender people to apply…

ANNOUNCING MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2017 Audition Information | Miss Virtual World (Check Rule 10)

This is great and a wonderful way to acknowledge an important part of our community and promoting inclusivity

BUT do they really know what the difference is between someone who is transgender as in born with the body of one gender but truly identifies as the opposite and someone who just likes to dress up female??? because… chillicalifornia is a gay male. He doesn’t identify himself as female. what a drama-mongerer!! add this lie to how he issued a public apology for all the people he screwed over in the past on facebook. how ironic is it that all of a sudden he cares about apologizing for all the drama he started and how angelic his heart is supposedly now that he’s trying to win a title? compare his posts now from the ones a few months ago, way to change his tune.Β 

The point then .. is MVW THAT ignorant that they don’t know the difference between what a transgender person is versus a gay male in real life that likes to dress up as a female avatar? or is chillicalifornia just a lying fake?

Jinx SL Meltdown Plus Fallout with Brandon πŸ™ˆ

We just got whispered that everyone’s favorite Flickr artist – Brandon appears to have fallen out big time withhis friend Jinx.

Jinx claims in his latest photo on Flickr that he had an SL meltdown.This makes one wonders what Brandon could have done?

Since we can see that Brandon has removed all the pictures he took of them together and appears to have also blocked Jinx as Jinx comments can no longer be seen!!
Jinx seems to have done the same by also blocking Brandon but has kept some of the photos they took together in his Flickr page. (maturity?? πŸ™„).


If anyone knows what the SL Meltdown/ fallout is about, come whisper 😁😜


ImageΒ Flickr

Dead Dollz Blogger Search Condition is Hypocritical and ???? πŸ™„

Dead Dollz posted on their flickr page a Blogger Search and the most important condition of 99+ faves seem outrageous and very hypocritical.

The friends of the friend blogger list would be better since she obviosuly know those who hit the 99+ mark and dont waste space and time with the ad. Another thing which bothers others is that she doesnt even hit the 99+ marks always in her own flickrsπŸ˜‚πŸ™„. We hope those with the 99+faves buys your items 😑😑

Jakobat- the latest i Θ  e R t i a boi πŸ˜‚

Just as proper ladies change their wardrobes every second, we see that Inertia changes her boys with every blink of her eyes. 

Three blinks ago she dumped Bootney Blessed, and was with Enzo. With another blink Enzo was gone and there we all thought she was mourning the lose of him, but here comes Jakobat πŸ™ˆ

Lets use this medium to welcome Jakobat and wish him a safe sailing and a definite proper landing πŸ˜‚πŸ™„ 

Source : Flickr

Yana – Is that your story or you stole it?πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‘

With the recent Melissa Trump plagiarism of Michelle Obama speech, our every own Yana on her Flickr page, decide to steal the show and act the Part 2 of that similar drama by stealing lines and lines from a book titled Sophistication and she really did go further by changing words such as boy/He/Him to girl/She/Her. πŸ™ˆ

Lots of people gave their comments not only about the photo but also about her words which they didn’t realize were stolen and she never told anyone she never actually wrote them or even bothered to credit the source!πŸ™„πŸ˜‘.

Source : Flickr and Bartleby

Attention: Mesh Creators! Maitreya is Opening Up Development Kits..

Good News for Mesh Creators in Second Life who have been making some really amazing experimental itemsπŸ™„. Maitreya is opening up their development kit application, see below for the information shared on their facebook page and ensure to visit their page and do apply pleaseeeee!

Those selected, they will be no excuse for more amazing experimentals 😏 and those not selected🀐

Maitreya - Important Announcement for Mesh Creators.PNG

Source: Facebook

Second Life Prostitution? Blurring the lines of legal and Illegal?

We got whispered and the spotlight is on Phedre Luckless – Owner of IndulgeΒ  Gentlemen’s Club and some more news about Rian from previous post.


Phedre Luckless runs a Gentleman’s club called Indulge Gentlemen’s Club. Traditionally, lindens are tipped to dancers/escorts for their services. This keeps the transaction “in game.” However, if you look at her profile, you will see that she encourages her clients/customers, to take it beyond the realm of Second Life and into real life, by purchasing her things on her “wish list.” Isn’t this crossing the boundary from a gratuity in Second Life to prostitution? Last I saw, prostitution was illegal. How can this be endorsed by Second Life or tolerated? Did I happen to mention, she is also the one who is harboring the con artist you recently whispered about, Sebastian, Rian? Yes, she took in the con artist when fleeing the last scene of her real life crime. Yes you heard me right, Sebastian/Rian is a woman. Sounds like they are both accustomed to breaking the law to benefit themselves. Two peas in a pod.