What do you do when your SL Boyfriend has an alt who is engaged and partnered?

Jemila posted this on Facebook and it is something to really think about.. Because a lot of these are happening in world LOL.


Source : Facebook

3 thoughts on “What do you do when your SL Boyfriend has an alt who is engaged and partnered?

  1. My ex had many alts and I always knew about them and his partners. Funny or not I was his RL fiance but he kept talking with them. When I asked him to delete one of his oldest partners he refused telling me that she was nice and that she was from Belgium. We broke up after almost 4 years, he blocked me on every account in sl and everywhere and after a few months I found out that he died and my life was such a huge disaster. But guess what, that girl from Belgium was from the same country as us…and it was his ex…I found that after I found his laptop and read the conversation. When she saw me online on his account she asked me who I was and I told her…it made me feel weird but free, and still broken inside after I found out about those lies. I guess that she didn’t liked it when I told her that she used to do videochat for his fun, because he wanted her to do sex shows for him on skype, and that I had all of his passwords. She and another ex of his are now friends with me on facebook…well not really friends, we just keep there with messages on birthdays and holidays…but guess who still visits his grave, who lights a candle at the church for his soul, who still visits his mother with gifts and a happy heart to see her, and also phones her every day to see if she is ok, and who still asks about his real life child…well that’s me. 🙂 And those exes, well they live their lives in their relationships, and for me after 2 years of his death, life showed me that I can love again…wel not like I loved him but still a different love.
    Reading your post brought me so much memoirs and I wanted to share my RL-SL story. Thanks! 🙂

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    • I have no words! What a doormat you are! God, and even being proud still loving that guy after all what he did, even breaking up with you! Hell girl, wake up!


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