Second Life Residents – Beware !!

We got whispered about this particular resident who runs two avatars – sin1969 Resident ( adult avatar) and Shaun Pappilomo (kid avatar) . This is about Real Life and Second Life, and we have informed that we don’t like to get involved in Real Life business, but the whisper seem insistent on spreading the news of the false nature of the residents and to warn others. Read and tell your friends.

Watch Out.jpg

This has been a hush hush thing for months now. It needs to be spread about him /her. A while back he played a few family members in sl saying his grandmother passed and his RL aunt was taking him to court over his grand mothers money. He had begged and borrowed money from my sl dad 2,000.00 through his paypal credit account and kept coming up with excuses to when he was going to start paying it back. Well tonight we were contacted by his rl aunt who shared with us some very disturbing details about how he has treated his grandmother who is no longer in his he had stolen all of her money, cut her off from her doctors, refused to get the medicines she needed, treated his grandmother like an animal,because of his actions not only is his grandmother alive but unable to communicate due to the strokes she had from being refused medical treatment. People in SL need to be warned of this monster asap. Only a monster treats rl family members like this..

One thought on “Second Life Residents – Beware !!

  1. I’m the parent who loaned the money. I was rians dad for two years. I trusted him with my life and cared for him as if he was really my kid. I was told his power was about to be turned off as well as the Internet. I felt bad and loaned the money with the condition he pay it back 2 weeks from that date. He claimed he couldn’t pay the bills because his bank account was frozen due to being in court with his aunt over his grams death. The grams pension check was deposited to his account so it was frozen. I was also loopy from the flu and high fever. I’m a caring and giving person and just wanted to make sure he was alright. He claimed to be working an at home IT job and that he would be out of work without the Internet and electricity. I had no reason not to believe all of this. If anyone needs proof of the conversation with the aunt or anything I can provide them. Don’t fall for his sob stories. He’s full of shit.


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