Marketplace Gacha Resellers, Creators Vs CopyBotters – GACHA or No GACHA?

The heat is on, Creators are getting angrier over the fact that their Gacha items most especially the Rares are been sold on Marketplace by Copybotters for less than the actual price of the item and this has been creating a great deal of dispute between marketplace authentic resellers,creators and residents who buy the stolen items.

GachaMachinesBy ShoKenin.png

Alice posted on her Facebook page some few days ago trying to appeal to the public not to buy gacha item from Marketplace but directly from the Designer. Some residents and Resellers are not buying into this as they spend huge amount of money only just trying to get the rare in the case of the residents and the Resellers trying to sell off their huge buys. See more details below or see the link to discussion on Facebook.

MP Gacha Reseller-Copybotter.jpg

Source : Facebook

Image : Flickr

6 thoughts on “Marketplace Gacha Resellers, Creators Vs CopyBotters – GACHA or No GACHA?

  1. Why shouldn’t people be able to sell gacha’s on MP….The creators shouldn’t be so damn greedy and expect people to pay $5000L and still not get the item they want, I know I never play them anymore. Mainly due to {anc} refusing to address CONSTANT non delievery issues of their items …. so right onto MP I go, how am I to know the item is copybotted? Maybe the creators could be less greedy and as already mentioned, sell their items instead of doing pay to play!


  2. Bravo! See, THIS is an actual thing. It is a huge problem and it isn’t slamming or slut-shaming anyone. GOOD JOB, Whisperer!

    Personally, I dislike gacha resellers, especially on the MP. They clutter it up horribly and I don’t think reselling was the intention (just my guess) when gachas first came about. Trading yes, someone else making profits off a designer’s work, no, probably not. I’m just making assumptions, though.

    Regardless, I hate going to search for something on the MP and having to wade through pages and pages and pages of gachas. If people want to open an in-world shop or yardsale to sell their extra gachas, that’s cool. But the MP is such a cluster that there is no way to weed them all out of a search.

    I would be fine with the entire gacha system going away. I’d much rather be able to buy something I want directly from the designer, no matter the price, in their store, than playing what is, in essence, a slot machine. But I do, because I want the stuff. And if I put thousands of lindens in the machine and still don’t get what I want? That’s on me. I took a chance, made a gamble, and lost. I won’t be mad at anyone but myself.

    The designers have a right to be angry about their items being copy-botted. The resellers don’t have a right to get pissed because the designers are threatening to stop making gacha items. Too damn bad. A designer can do whatever they want with their items.

    I still don’t have my Blueberry #1 from this round of the Epiphany. I would happily pay Blue L$5,000 for a limited edition item… but I won’t pay that to a reseller.


    • *yawns*

      How two faced, are you? so, The Whisperer , in your opinion should stop slut shamming people, but it’s okay for you to ‘shame’ Gacha resellers, for doing something, they have every right to do?

      This is the beauty of Gacha, like it or not.

      Once the item is sold, the buyer, can do whatever they please, we take the risk of playing these machines so, we can reap the benefits of being able resell what we don’t need or want and fortunately for people like myself, MP is a great avenue to resell. I, also shop on MP for Gacha items.

      Two things, can happen here.
      1. Designers stop making Gacha items. (laughs)
      2. Lindens ban, reselling of Gacha items on MP. (LAUGHS LOUDER)
      Note: I hope you’re picking up on my sarcastic tone here, as, Designers and Lindens are onto a cash cow, the above, will not happen, anytime soon, if ever.

      Vicious circle, isn’t it?.

      I’d give you a lift, off that high horse you seem to be on, but, I am sure, you’ll fall off sooner or later, with the weight of your Ego and hypocritical comments.

      P.S That 5000L, you’re willing to spend on the Blueberry Rare, would be better spent , on fixing up your avatar. IDY2.


      • Are you Christopher Walken? So many commas!

        How two-faced am I? Well, there’s the one I have in real life and the one I have in Second Life so there’s two faces right there!

        By the by, saying I don’t like a practice isn’t exactly shaming a person. I’m not casting aspersions on their character. Hell, for all I know when they aren’t reselling gacha items, they could be helping little old ladies cross the street or saving kittens from trees.

        What is it, exactly, you find lacking in my avatar? Oh, and what does IDY2 mean? The Oxford Dictionary doesn’t have a listing…


        • Bless, I seem to have hit a nerve.

          ‘How two-faced am I? Well, there’s the one I have in real life and the one I have in Second Life so there’s two faces right there!” Great comeback. Really.

          Christopher Walken (I.LOVE.HIM.) and, excessive, use, of, commas, FTW.


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