10 thoughts on “JenniferKatie Dunner AKA HarlowDarling (new alt) – MISSING IN ACTION­čś│

  1. and is it bad if she use a part of her rl name in sl ? is it bad if she play sl also if she has family in rl like so many others on sl ? is it your business what she did and what she is doing now and what not ?
    you have nothing better to do in your life to speak badly abt other ppls who you don’t even know privately ? sad,only sad !

    I can`t understand and will never be why ppls cant just enjoy SL and use it for what it is intended.
    to have fun and not to draw others with shit rumors in the dirt

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  2. You seem to be trying to take credit for shaming a person into leaving Second Life, if that’s actually what happened, and finding pleasure in it.

    Yes, it may seem hypocritical for me to be here playing the role of Moral Police Officer, but I don’t give a shit. This is ugly and you intentionally set out on a path to destroy people.

    The key word here is “intentional”. We all have to make decisions and choices in our lives that cause others to feel pain. We end relationships, we say things that are misconstrued, we fall in love with the wrong people, and can’t fall in love with the right people. We weigh pros and cons and decide if we’re going to keep living in situations to make ourselves unhappy in order to pacify others… or we show selfishness and do for ourselves even though we know others may end up in pain because of our choices. And we live with it. But, for most of us, these decisions aren’t made with the intent to hurt someone. It’s a by-product, that pain. It’s collateral damage. It’s terrible, but it’s also life. We can’t live our lives to make everyone else happy at the cost of our own. But the pain that is caused is not done with intent.

    You, on the other hand, have created an entire website solely for the purpose of shaming and embarrassing others, without thought or care to how you make others feel. You slut-shame women AND men, you mock photographers, designers, anyone that happens to get caught in your cross-hairs.

    You must be a truly sad individual in real life. A person who goes to the lengths you have to hurt others can’t be happy inside. And the worst part of that is that you feel this need to tear others down to make them feel as badly as you do instead of trying to build people up. And you do it on purpose.

    This isn’t harmless fun. There are real people behind these avatars and you know nothing of their life stories. You know nothing of the situations they live in, why they make the choices they make. And you don’t give a damn.

    Everyone is posting photos all over Flickr standing for peace. How about you, Whisperer? Do you stand for peace? I think not. Those photos… they’re lovely and sweet and well-intentioned but they do nothing. You have the chance to actually do something. You can stop this… stop being a mean and anonymous bully.

    Can you do it?

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    • Well said, and so very true. I agree with every word you spoke. Having been on the receiving end of this site…I gotta say, it would be an awful thing for a lot of people to experience. Especially those with unrelated health, life and mental issues. I really admire, respect and appreciate your defending myself and others. Takes balls to show yourself and not hide behind anonymity. Thank you Beth.

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      • Most of us believe in whats true and good and we need to celebrate that instead of this horrible negativity that is running rampant. Its nothing more than bullying by people who dont have the guts to say what they think and feel as themselves and to not hide. We all need to support each other and not tear each other down. Hugs to you Ella!

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    • “A truly sad individual in real life” is one who has a two year old daughter and a loving husband and who chooses to play SL ALL day and some of the night and have an online relationship with a married man!
      Owen wasn’t the first guy she’s done this with there have been numerous others.
      Maybe she has gone to work on her marriage or she’s found the guts to end it instead of living a lie.


      • What a shitty response. Do you live in her house? How do you know anything about her real life, or what situation she is living in or what circumstances have happened in her life? And more than that, who the fuck are you to broadcast the personal details of her real life? How is it *any* of your business?

        Do you need someone to talk to? I’m not a licensed therapist or anything, but I can lend an ear if you need to talk about whatever is happening in your life that leads you to behave like this. And I promise not to blast the details all over the internet. It’ll be our little secret… a true secret. Clearly you’re dealing with some issues that you need to work through. I’d be happy to help.

        We all “live” in this little virtual world and none of us want every detail of our real lives being made public, for whatever reason. We have a responsibility to each other to protect the things we learn in-world because if we don’t, the shoe is going to end up on the other foot someday and it’s going to be YOU on the receiving of the hatred and vitriol and the absolute and utter violation of having your world shattered.

        It’s not up to you to decide who deserves that or not. And how dare you presume to be some noble figure outing anyone for anything? You think what you’re doing is any better than anything she may have done? It isn’t. You are no different.

        Shame on you. Shame.

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        • Beth Macbain,

          How exactly is it your business either?
          I have seen you comment on each item like some moral guardian of the internet and by doing so all that’s happened is that you have exacerbated each situation.

          Only an idiot would use part of their RL name as their SL name, and share sensitive information with people who obviously can’t be trusted, which then led back to their RL if they had a husband and small child that they truly cared about.

          Even now with all this going on she’s made a new Flickr so she can’t be that upset!!


          • What business is it of mine? I’m fucking tired of anonymous internet bullies and people being mean for the sake of being mean.

            You’re right, though. My presence here has simply exacerbated the issues and given this site more hits than it deserves.

            This site will die all on its own, just like the other one is doing.


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