Who Has Given the most Favorites on Flickr – We say Ella Sparkss .. and You Say ?…

Second life has brought out a lot of talent and talented people in its years of existence; and it keeps getting better.Flicker has been one of the avenues mostly used to showcase second life and it’s talents; while most of us have been able to get some recognition on flicker; some others have just hugged majority of the recognition.
It is often assumed that its a persons popularity that dictates if they get faves on flicker; but most will also argue that it’s talent. Maybe it’s the length of time spent and if that is your argument then Ella Sparks might have rubbished that.

Ella Sparkss (Girl friend of Brandon) has been in Flickr since May 2015 and she has favored a whopping 158,069 pictures.


Image :  Ella Sparkss

While compared with other big names such as Oakley who has been there since April 2010; has more followers and follows more back; has only 47,331 faves.

Oakley Foxtrot.JPG

Image :  Oakley Foxtrot

Strawberry Singh since July 2007 – 14,135 faves


Image : Strawberry Singh

Now the statistics has shown that the length of your stay at Flickers doesn’t dictate how many you would have given the little pink heart to over the time, which then account for Ella’s more than 158k favorites.

Let’s think.
Surely Ella cannot possibly like that many pictures OR is she giving favorites to get faves back on her pictures!🙈
We are completely discounting the fact that there have been a lot of whispers that her pictures are crap and they haven’t seen anyone have more pictures in their favorites than Ella Sparkss!! … and she’s only been there over a year, her frigging finger must be sore from punching the fave button. 

But then our question is Which of us then is also guilty of Giving the little pink to her “crap” pictures?🤔🙄

Her high faves could also mean she is the best out there on Flicker.  We present her the  Second Life Ambassador of some sort as most of us have voted for her by faving her pictures and she in turn faves  ALL.   Haven’t  we? Haven’t  you?

Whatever the case; We say congrats Ella. You may not be as popular yet; but you must be doing something right because Flicker says your Favorite list are booming 😊.

52 thoughts on “Who Has Given the most Favorites on Flickr – We say Ella Sparkss .. and You Say ?…

  1. you people who are getting mad that this website exist are contributing to it by your own posts. the fact that there is sl people who can actually point out the ego tripping that is going on at flickr.com should be a celebration. all this self love and attention seeking that people are so hungry for is being pointed out on this website and i dont understand why anyone should have a problem with that . because the rest of us is vomiting by seeing this ass licking /craving you rl losers aer doing all over flickr.com .we too have the right to express ourselves . you can be mad that we are pointing it out. you can be mad that we are not as dumb as you think we are . you can be mad that your ” game” your addiction is being pointed out . but what exactly are you going to do about that ? nothing. truth hurts everyone is watching and just because people dont say something does not mean we dont see this flickr sickness . now you are going to tell me that i should not be anonymous right ? that i am jealous much right ? well we are all part of the sl game but some of us actually have some kind of pride in us that prevents us from acting so thirsty and fame desperate .


  2. The prize for giving out pink stars like candy on Halloween has to go to Skippy Beresford who has 448,467 favs in just under 4 years.
    Massive fav giving certainly seems to result in loads of stars back.


  3. I notice that all the “anonyme” people here, love to put name of others, give flickr links, telling things but… always hidden behind screen.
    It’s just easy. So easy. Very easy. Easy to discrediting under anonymity…. so easy.

    Big kisses and next time don’t forget to wear your testicules for be a little more credible 😉

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    • Bore off Bridget, for someone not interested in hatred you sure make a lot of comments!

      What I really want to know is wtf is that orange liquid that Ella’s dipping her hands and hair in? Lets hope it’s not Brandons spunk gone toxic! lol

      Stand for peace.


  4. Skippy Beresford’s favorite photos from other Flickr members (415,976)
    Sorry whisperer, get your facts straight. Everybody knows “a little prince” who kisses ass and is over 50 in RL who happens to write a bible under each pic AND is obsessed with getting faves and writing mushy lines so people see him as the victim when in reality, he’s the one who used Neva to get his name out there. Would be interesting to see an article on this character.


    • Who is Skippy Beresford? On what he built his name? What has he created, what does he own? How much money he invested in his “fame” ? Skippy Beresford is a Blogger and nothing else. Takes snapshots which he calls ART, adds QUOTES but never uses ” ” because fools believe he is that smart enough to actually come up with his own words. Try to google each of his title lol and you will be surprised how many words are his own. He kisses asses of all designers in exchange of free items, because it is what he does best .

      – big Estates Owner on Neva’s money
      – big Event Owner again on other’s money and work
      – amazing Artist on the expense of designers

      He is mentally ill and masturbates when fools fall in his 6 years old trap when yes he is more than 50 in RL. Why he plays as a child? Because nobody can say NO. Because a kid is supposed to have no money and others must feel forced to provide for him. Because designers can’t say NO when he asks for favors.

      He faves and comments everything in his sick need to gather more fans of his great work on Earth ( by this i mean on the virtual Earth) . He needs and begs for attention and why put up so much effort into this? Because his RL is probably too poor and lame and SL / Flickr is the only way to be Someone, but even here, he can’t do it on his own. He needs fools with money and fame, designers, sim owners to cover for everything.

      I look at the stolen Quotes on his snapshots in flickr and something is wrong, other than stealing words and giving the impression that are his: How come the a 6 years old child, can come up with such wisdom? I mean, what 6 years old searches for quotes such as “Life is a long lesson in humilty” and i do not quote Skippy, but the one who actually came up with these words – James M. Barrie. How can a 6 years old in character roleplaying can copy/paste this?

      He uses everyone and when people start to see his true face, he starts to victimize himself throwing mud in those people and everyone falls at his stinky feet “awww little prince”, such a bad world”
      The world is as it is, but there is a saying “you make the bed you lie in”.

      And i end this by asking again: Who is Skippy Beresford and what has he actually created on his own, other than his 6 years old snapshots with stolen quotes?


      • Keon and then Neva. The world is around stands up for peace and love. And you here spreading lies and hate. So much hate you write here. Same people who say “nobody does it better.” Nobody hates better than you.


        • Alright, let me decide if its funny or not “The world is around stands up for peace and love. And you here spreading lies and hate”. Yes its funny and as every joke, no need to explain it or it loses the fun part lol.

          As for all written above i can say one thing: you have no idea about reality, do you? Didnt you learn that all stories have 2 kind of truths? 2 sides of truths? So far only 1 side was told because ” lil solnishko” has always a huge ammount of free time to spend it in IMs spreading his lies or ” side of the story” which im pretty sure, he got to that point when he even believes in it. We never got involved in this story because we have plenty on our heads and also, we have considered that what happened between us, its nobody else’s business. However, i see that his lies are spread all over and many of you choose to close eyes and follow like sheeps. It is your right to do so, but its not your right to mention my name or Neva’s, as long as you didnt share anything with us, as long as you have no idea about the truth. And you stand here talking about Hate? Only hate / frustration can make people talk about others without knowing any facts.

          I hate dramas however i will not let my name or Neva’s dragged in some fantasies created by the biggest novelist in sl, Skippy. His fiction story about him being treated badly stands on the following facts: He lived in my sim, on my money, never asked him to pay 1 linden. He got from us gifts, attention and everything he wanted. He insisted to Neva to make him owner all over, from sims to flickr groups ( who does that in the first place? someone who runs for fame, someone who never does nothing but yet expects to have everything). And the last drop was, to ask us for money. You will probably say he was entitled to money cuz he works so hard. Well, someone who works hard has no time to spend in hundreds IMs, only creators ofc to consolidate his relationships based on free stuff. Someone who works so hard doesnt have time to make so many pictures and then put links in 100 IMs and Skype to make sure he gets comments and faves and if you dont run in his flickr link to fave he puts again the link in your im and wont stop until you fave and comment it. Im sure many of ones who know Skippy and have or had him on friend list, know what im tlaking about. And his real work was: notices and watch over some rental boxes and see who paid and didnt, because standing in a event with Owner tag on to be seen by everyone and saying Hi Hey to get more attention, isnt work. And because of this notices he was big owner all over, a bit overpaid i think.

          I have nothing to hide and thanks god, i have a full archive with this character as i told him i will tell you: if i ever open my mouth on him it will be with real facts and i can prove who Skippy is. He cant do the same, all he has are unvalid words and a lot of hate because his GAME didnt work as he wished to.

          If you think i will let someone use me or Neva, you are wrong. We help as much as we can but we will not be taken for idiots and if this means i am bad, so be it…im very bad!
          We work and mind our things, we dont kiss nobody for anything. If we want something, we make it happen we dont suffocate other ppl in ims, kissing their butts, we dont try to steal each other as other tried to do..and all this in the name of family.

          Sooner or later, the truth will come out…its how this world works and in that moment, some will stand, others will bend. I know one thing: i never did bad things to anyone, i never lied, i never asked for anything and also, i have nothing to hide. I am not perfect, nobody is…but some waste too much time on trashing other people and whats even more sad is, that people like you, who have no idea whatsoever about what happened between us, come and use our names any way you like. This is not your right, talk only what you know otherwise you risk to be labeled as “hateful” because otherwise, why would you trash someone you dont even know? Why would you talk of something that didnt involved you, therefore you have no clue about the truth beneath a story?

          I can talk because i was there: i was there when he asked money, i was there when he needed me. And you? You were where, on flickr reading his beautiful bs? See? Its funny, you are funny…now stand for peace indeed and stop using our names, dont just write words like your bud 🙂 Words mean nothing without facts to prove them.


          • And now, by posting all this here on a public forum where it doesn’t belong, you’re no different. This should be kept between the involved parties and now this post is an even bigger shit-show than it was before.


          • This is for bethmacbain, for some reason i cant reply to her wise comment.

            Dear bethmacbain,

            First of all, thank you for enlighting me with your wise words but maybe..just maybe, you should consider your own words and stay away from other people’s business.

            Second, let me tell you some things about myself, so you can actually have reasons to dislike me. I am a man, SL / RL and i dont post pictures under the “i stand for peace”. I stand for myself, for the woman i love and for the ones close to me. If you or any anonymous or less anonymous dare to mention my name, my woman’s name, then here i am standing for us but the difference is, i dont do it by typying insults and bunch of bs that have nothing to do with the truth.
            In all my adult life i never hit anyone, i didnt practice any kind of violence so for me that is a continuous “standing for peace” not a week of advertising which again, i have nothing against it.

            Third, you said it doesnt belong here but it does belong on Skippy’s flickr page? Flickr is somehow private? My name or Neva’s belong here? Did i brought up our names?
            No i didnt, people like you did thinking that they know everything about everyone, thinking that if we had the decency to shut up for so long and when i say this i mean in all ways public and private (we never discussed not even in IMs with friends who asked) we are too weak to speak up for ourselves. We have nothing to say to all the BS that “a 6 yrs old” spread in a public way and private ( IMs ), well you are wrong.

            Being decent in this world ( may it be RL or SL) beyond some limits makes you weak and stupid and these are 2 “qualities” i do not own. I will not let anyone, not you, not any anonymous who never had the decency to make a difference but started to type our names in the left and right, who started to give free advice and got himself / herself involved into something that is beyond your power of comprehension to play with us as you wish.

            I am not decent, i am a man who will stand up for himself and for the ones close ,when and if its the case. If you dont like it, then stop playing the saint role on me and read all this “shit-show” in silence and if you cant do it for some reasons, then expect the feedback. It is Newton’s 3rd law “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So, if you are here typing and expect no reaction it means what? You wrote typical bs hoping i would feel ashamed or..? Ashamed to defend my name? Ashamed to defend the woman i love? I will do it always, PUBLIC or less public, in front of people who dont know us ( for there is no reason to do it in front of people that actually know us) and as many times i have to and you know why? Not because i am bored, not because the opinion of some strangers mean the world to me…but because i am a man and this should say it all.


          • And this is for Keon… for some reason I can’t reply to you, either.

            I don’t know Skippy. All I know is that some child avatar started following me a couple of years ago and I blocked him immediately. I don’t care if it’s a child, or an adult playing a child, I don’t want that person viewing my decidedly adult photos. It gave me the creeps then, as it does now. Intellectually, I understand why some people RP as children in Second Life due to childhood trauma, etc. I just don’t want any part of it.

            I never brought up your name,nor was I the one who brought Skippy into this. I don’t know you, or Skippy, or Neva. I’ve never posted here anonymously. If you want to rage at someone, I’m not the person who dragged your drama into the SL Whisperer.

            But Newton’s Third Law, as you stated, refers to you, too. I’ve not shied away from any comment directed towards me. I knew that by posting here, making a stand against this site, I was opening myself up to the bullies. That’s how the internet works, unfortunately. You, by posting your story here, also opened yourself up.

            And sadly, I don’t think anyone feels any better about anything.


  5. I was not going to read to this article, as I think this entire site just breeds hate and negativity aimed at people for…well…just to be hateful…I guess. Which we have enough of in this world, as some of you have pointed out. Funny how I’m hatefully being accused of being hateful, a lot of irony in all of this…I was told however by a friend that I was being incredibly misrepresented in the comments, forcing myself to read this dribble babble and give my side of things.

    Firstly: My recent picture…It is in no way directed at current events. Nor does it indicate a lack of sensitivity to what’s happening in the world. It’s directed at this site, for the hatefulness directed at me. I happen to speak french, have lived in France as an exchange student, I have friends that live there. I find it extremely offensive that some of you have decided to read into a FANTASY picture taken in a virtual world and deemed it an offence against humanity or some kind of stab at it!
    I have always posted pictures with a gun or guns. This is not a new concept! Go have a look for yourself. I will admit that I do glamorize guns (mainly as a sort of tool of strength, a visual aid) I don’t however glamorize violence. I never ever show violence in any of my pictures, any violence you are seeing is self perceived, and on you. Second life is my ESCAPE from the real world. My way of creating visually what I can’t in reality. Not everyone is going to like my work, and I don’t expect them to. It’s an impossible thing to achieve. This whole article is a point to that case.

    Secondly: I have been away on vacation all week (at my cottage in the woods, off the grid), and only heard of this stand for peace campaign happening on flickr today, also catching up on current events, having just got home yesterday.

    Lets just try and be nicer to each other. The world as a whole could use it.

    Guinness World Record Holder For favs on Flickr

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    • Ella,
      How about you give a reply to the actual article which was a statement of fact
      – you fave 340+ pics a day – do you genuinely like noob fashion bloggers pics etc.,?

      You “glamorize guns” but “don’t glamorize violence” WTF is the difference?
      A gun is not a “tool of strength” it’s a tool of death!
      IF you were faced with the reality of what a gun could do to you, you certainly wouldn’t think they were glamorous anymore!
      It is possible to be “triggered” (unfortunate word in this instance) if you suffer from PTSD after being subjected to gun crime by pictures of guns whether they are real or virtual!

      You claim to have been away and “not had time to catch up on current events” yet your latest picture was “directed at this site” so you obviously had time to catch up with some issues and react straight away and with hatred, and you then end with a comment about how we should be “nicer to one another” LOL!!!
      You’re obviously so caught up in yourself and getting your latest pic on Flickr that you don’t even know whats going on around you.

      You should forget about making statements on social awareness and political comment and stick to taking tasteless shots in your knickers and pressing the pink star button!


      • Okay Anonymous:
        I didn’t respond to the “article” Because I think it’s silliness. LOL I’m sorry if my faving “noob fashion bloggers” pisses you off so much. I can’t help but laugh at you! Here’s the deal…I see struggling bloggers/artists trying to receive validation (EVERY ARTIST WANTS THIS) why they make their art PUBLIC in the first place…EVERYONE on flickr, and I don’t care who you are or how amazing your art is, or possibly how “noob” they might be. I think of it as encouraging them to not give up, to better their craft. If I see work I find are a cut above, or even an improvement to their usual…I’ll comment, and not a copy/paste….I hand type and put thought into it. I used to be a “noob” myself once upon a time (maybe I still am to you lol )….and the people I idolized, liking and commenting my work gave me the confidence and motivation to keep going and not give up. It’s not to be mean. It’s not to take away favs from “more talented people” I FAV THEM TOO! hahahaha and I can’t believe I have to even defend such a thing as FAVING a picture! Even if deemed excessive. What does it matter to you? How does this effect your life in any way, or anyone else’s for that matter? Are you mad that I didn’t fav you? Did I fav the wrong people by your standard? Why don’t you send me a list of who is acceptable, and I’ll fav those. Deal?
        The glamorizing of violence; again…that’s self perceived by YOU, and to suggest that my picture(s) could have that kind of an effect on a person causing a mass killing!??!!! or they be “triggered” to do something?!!? I honestly don’t even have a response to that. Visit Texas and parts of the united states, they are actually holstered on peoples waists in plain sight for heaven’s sake (IN REALITY). You see them in movies….commercials, even made into children’s toys. My viewership pales in comparison to any of that. You are clearly just searching for things to attack me with.
        As for the news…Not everyone watches the News, sorry to say. I happen to be one of those people. Not because I’m self involved or whatever the hell you were trying to say I am. Just because it’s negative, and freaking depressing!! I find out about things unwillingly through the grape vine or social media. Like this article…

        You don’t know me, Anonymous. I don’t know you even less.
        Please don’t presume to know what goes on in my head, or my life.

        Take care

        -If anyone else has an issue with me…I will only respond to a name. If you can’t put an identity behind your words, and stand behind what you say. I will not gratify you with a response beyond this point.


      • First off, let me state for the record that I hate guns and anything to do with them. If people post an excess amount of photos with guns, I unfollow them. If someone posts a few, I may not unfollow them, but they also don’t get a pink star. I hate guns and I completely agree with you that they are nothing but instruments of death.

        Now, though… if someone chooses to post photos with guns, that’s their business. I won’t support it, but I’m not going to shit all over them for their choices, at least not in a public forum. Oh, I’ll take on the entire gun lobby on my blog and bitch about the NRA and its members and all gun owners in general, but pointing out one single person? No. If it’s a friend, I may have a private conversation with them. I may even bitch about the proliferation of gun photos on my feed but I won’t name the people responsible.

        If you had made your comment directly to Ella, privately, not hiding behind your anonymity, I’d respect you so much, whoever you are. But no… you choose this as your method instead.

        As far as anyone who is triggered or has PTSD and can’t handle seeing photos of guns… good lord. If someone is triggered *that* easily, and I completely understand that there are people who are, then it’s up to them to avoid situations where they can be triggered- or to get some help, or both.

        Also, by the way, the “tasteless” shots of Ella in her knickers are the ones I like. To each his own… if you don’t like them, don’t follow her. It really is that simple.


        • I didn’t feel I could contact Ella privately as she didn’t seem to be approachable.
          The vibe she gives off is one of having an aggressive personality, so I didn’t want to take the chance of being met with hostility.
          If she took pictures of herself sitting with puppy dogs or cute kittens then maybe I’d have felt differently but if that were the case then I’d have nothing to complain about!
          Reading her replies here she does seem to be a genuine person who has empathy for others but it was a chance I didn’t want to take.
          My comments here may have came across harsher than they would have if I’d contacted her directly, as such is the nature of these forums and for that I apologise BUT I stand by them.
          I used Flickr as a type of art therapy but I’m sadly no longer able to do that and maybe that’s also why I replied with anger.
          I haven’t replied back to her as she’s now only replying to comments with names and due to social anxiety and fear of backlash I am not comfortable with giving my name.

          I am receiving therapy and I do try to avoid these situations by not looking at violent pictures but when on Flickr and looking through or adding pictures to groups such as the SL Beautiful Things ~ Birds and Butterflies and more, The Dream Keeper, Second Life Ballet (Yes, that’s right she’s got a gun pic in there) – her last gun pic was in 254 groups
          it’s not easy to avoid them even though she claims her viewership is low.
          I’m glad you like some of her shots, I don’t follow – her but as I said above it’s difficult to avoid her when she contributes to such a large number of groups!
          Ella states that she doesn’t watch the news – well I don’t visit Texas or watch movies where guns might be used, the children around where I live don’t play with guns and seldom if ever are guns seen in commercials in the part of the world where I live.

          I feel I’ve explained myself enough now – life is hard enough without being analysed on here.


          • First off, I want to thank you for how you’ve conducted yourself with me. You’ve been adult and courteous and you’ve explained yourself well without bashing me with ugly names. That says a lot about the kind of person you are – that you are a good and decent person.

            Secondly, I do hope that you are complaining to the moderators of those groups about the photos being posted in them that aren’t appropriate. I completely agree with you that guns don’t belong in any of those groups, though I don’t set the rules.

            I don’t typically post my photos in groups, other than my recent scavenger hunt photos, but I thought that there was a limit to how many groups a single photo could be posted in. Apparently, I’m wrong about that. 254 seems incredibly excessive and I can see how it would be nearly impossible to avoid a person’s photos due to that. Does it work if you block her, or do you still see her photos in the groups? I would absolutely contact the moderators of those groups, though. They should be policing the photos that are being posted to see if they fit within their guidelines.

            Have you considered starting your own group? I’m certain that there are plenty of people, myself included, who don’t enjoy any violent imagery or seeing weaponry.


          • Hi! reading your comment about flickr group really interest me. I am not going to pinpoint anyone including ella here since we are adding up under ella’s thread. this is just my general opinion. it is hard for me to keep quiet and hide behind annon name, so yeah here I am again come clean as me.

            To be honest, based on my observation on flickr behavior, group activity is another good way to build up followers, pink stars and recognition. It will definitely increased the number of view and stars if that group put approval gate on it as the admin of the group will have a look at it and put the star on it to let the picture flow into group. And people will remember those who put awards or stars on their picture, and as human being we have the tendency to pay the same tribute back. I also notice some actually does not fav picture but they just giving out awards, i am not sure what is the logic behind it, “not liking but giving awards”.

            i know some of us put more than 100 groups and giving out stars to many, again there is nothing wrong with that especially if they are bloggers. They need to support designer on campaigning and marketing their stuffs. But really all this things are taking so much of realtime hours, i hope we find meaning and joy on doing so instead of just running for popularity contest or for the sake of statistic numbers.

            and if you also notice some account holding more than just a handful number of groups on flickr. they are the owner or admin for some groups. I really salute them, they really dedicate their time for the flickr activity.

            with all these in mind, what i want to say, as a blogger we can burn out due to all this activity on flickr. i honestly lost interest on putting my works on flickr groups but i have to respect the designers that support me and try to do my part. With this in mind I will probably stop taking sponsors for my blog so I don’t have this guilty feeling of not putting enough exposure for my works to be liked or to be found in the sea of secondlife pictures.

            i hope we are all having a good day and fun in secondlife ….


        • Thank You Beth,
          It’s been refreshing to have an adult conversation without the need the vitriol.

          I am glad that you understood what I meant by using the word “triggered” – I did mean being traumatised.
          From her reply, unfortunately Ella seemed to think I meant triggered into acting in violence which is NOT what I meant at all.

          My issues relate back to the Dunblane School Massacre and the day Thomas Hamilton went in the gym hall and killed 16 children, and that is as much as I will say as this is not the place to discuss such sensitive material and already I feel I have said too much but this is something I will NEVER change my mind on.
          After Dunblane firearms acts were passed which severely restricted private ownership of guns in Great Britain.
          Seeing pictures of people holding guns and posing with them even in virtual worlds not only disgusts me but it makes me ill.

          I won’t waste my time complaining as that’s is all it would be – a waste of time.
          Unfortunately all the groups allow pictures of weapons because they are allowed to use the ‘safe’ setting.
          It seems totally ridiculous to me that tits and ass are set as moderate yet guns aren’t.
          If I blocked her I’d still see her pictures, and she’s not the only one so lets not make this all about Ella, but she’s certainly one of the ones who uses the most groups.
          I’ve no desire to have a group as I don’t spend that much time on Flickr but thanks for the suggestion.
          I used to post to a group called ‘Second Life pictures that touch us’ where they claim to only want pictures that portray “EMOTION” and she even has gun pictures in there!
          I took their description to mean pictures that made you feel something when you viewed them, but I didn’t think that would include the emotion fear as surely that is the only emotion one can feel by looking at a picture of a woman standing outside a shack holding a massive machine type gun, I think that’s what it was but I don’t care to look back.
          I’ve now left most of the groups I was in as it’s easier that way.
          I think you and I are in the minority here Beth with regard to violent imagery and weaponry and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

          Take Care Beth and keep on being you.

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  6. In first sorry for my bad english.
    Second : i don’t let my email here. Don’t’ know who is on this site. No need to knowing my mail adress
    Tirth: i don’t use annonymous name. I assume all.

    I don’t care about what this site said. Sometimes i read.
    I don’t care about favs and comments on flickr.
    Everybody is free to use flickr how they want.
    Everybody share pictures they want.
    Good or bad, for me it’s not important.
    Some think they are artists (it’s a fashion word no ?) some think nothing and just share.

    I don’t care about artistics pictures or not.
    I just fav pictures i love or pictures people i know, do.
    I have some friends who do wonderfuls pictures. I have friends who don’t do wonderfuls pictures. And ?
    I fav some “bad” pictures of friends. Just because they are my friends and i know they did the pictures with love. Even if the pictures is not good.
    It’s the same for me. I’m not here for the fav or for “reputation” that i don’t care.
    And hope all people on flickr are the same.

    If my pictures are shit… I have no problem with that.
    And I have no problem with all flickr stream i follow.
    I don’t look if the other people have lot of favs or lot of comments.

    People are free to share, follow, comment… what they want on flickr.
    If i don’t like something, i don’t need to show that to the world !

    The worst in this site are the comments.
    People use anonym name for fighting others people. People use anonym name and other think they are X or Y under the name.
    Paranoia, ridiculous, jealousy and bad things… have a great future here.

    I dont’ ask why the world turn so bad !

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    • Bridget, mother of all the girls that can’t speak for themselves. We all know you try to protect your Funny-Fanny sweetheart. And with you comment we all know NOW, Fanny jumps on that website sometimes around too!


    • Bridget,
      This is not about you faving good or bad etc., this is about Ella faving many, many things – she simply cannot be friends or like such an excessive amount of pictures each day – it’s just not realistic.
      All people on Flickr are not the same as you wish them to be – many are greedy for success – prime examples being Brandon and Ella.

      You talk of the world being bad yet you are still close with someone who demonstrates hateful behaviour – yes I’m talking about Neva and how she treated Skippy, so before you come here making statements perhaps you should look a little closer to home and to your own and your friends behaviours!


      • Ella or anybody else can fav what and who they wants.
        You really look each flickr account for see how much favs, people add ?
        And ?
        Where is the problem ? Popularity or not, success or not ? Where is the problem ?
        There is no rules about that, so, let the people manage their contacts, favs, comments as they want 🙂

        – Don’t know who write that (anonym is so easy…..) : “We all know you try to protect your Funny-Fanny sweetheart”.

        >> she really don’t need me, she don’t need to be protect…. your comment is … lol

        – Anonym again who said “You talk of the world being bad yet you are still close with someone who demonstrates hateful behaviour – yes I’m talking about Neva and how she treated Skippy, so before you come here making statements perhaps you should look a little closer to home and to your own and your friends behaviours!”

        >> I never knew what happen between the people you talk about. I have no problem with the both of theim so you can say or proove what you want, today i choose friends i want. Nobody can be friends with all. It’s not so hard to understand, I think.
        If I have a problem with someone, i don’t need to create a website for fight what I dislike.
        I don’t need other poeple. My choices are just mine. Bad or goods…. Just mine.

        But i have a question : I hope you have the same website for reals things. Because I think it will be more interresting than counting favs on flickr’s account or watching if the avi’s neck, on the picture, is not break.

        – Anonym accout (again ? It’s grown like bad grass) said : “Severe bad taste on her part considering what’s going on in the world at the present moment.”

        >>> The bad taste is to show flags (for one day) for just some countries and forgetting that barbarie is in LOT of country. Not only in France or USA (for example). And today.. we all forget that we cried there some days. So….
        So, showing guns in a picture it’s for me… just guns in picture, and it’s far from what it’s happen in world.

        Kisses ^^

        Liked by 1 person

    • https://www.flickr.com/photos/131340764@N05/27775180164/

      LOL – You talk of the world turning bad.
      So is it ok for Ella to make an image like this where she’s holding two guns, even though they are virtual guns and include a song with lyrics “until I’m killing everybody like in Auschwitz”!!!!!!!!!
      Severe bad taste on her part considering what’s going on in the world at the present moment.


  7. inception

    In my personal opinion this picture is perfect in every way possible and it’s something I would love to be able to create but I know it’s way out with my capabilities.
    At this present time it’s got 351 faves and was taken 4 days ago so I doubt it will go much higher.
    She added it to 20 groups and I’ve not witnessed her commenting excessively in order to promote herself, I have however seen her giving other artists words of encouragement now and then.

    Artists like Fanny Finney are the true artists of Second Life NOT Ella Sparkss who sits around pouting with a gun in her hand promoting weapons as sexy and cool which they certainly aren’t.
    This is my opinion and this is why I feel the likes of Ella and her boi Brandon have ruined Flickr for SL’ers as they have increased their visibility in every way they possibly could which has brought them fans and faves but at the detriment of ‘real’ artists.
    Brandon and Ella have marketed themselves and their reward is in views and faves and the freebies they are receiving now they have both now decided to become bloggers, but it’s difficult to distinguish which of their pictures are objectively good from those that aren’t especially great but have just been well promoted.
    What they have done isn’t wrong or bad but I do feel it’s excessive, and before their clique come for me with their vitriol, I’m not a hater, neither am I jealous – if I was to be jealous of anything it would be of Fanny’s talent not Ella’s.


  8. When a person is really talented she/he doesn’t need to spend all 24/7 on flickr faving/comm pictures, they’re living up, catching inspiration from life to work kn their art, they don’t bother about being famous. They do it because they enjoy to work with it… Also, people will found them sooner or later. Ojala favorites could be exchanged for rl money, because i really don’t see the point why those idiots care so much about getting favorites on flickr lol 😂


    • How are the two even related? No one “needs” to give stars… there is no punishment or reward for doing so or not doing so. It’s simply a nice thing to do when you like someone’s work. If someone believes they’re so talented that they can’t be bothered to show appreciation to others whose work they enjoy, their shittiness outshines their talent.


    • I’m a bit disappointed not to be cited in this post………………… 😛
      Let us use Flickr as we want, Mr Stashed. Where do you see Flickr is a appointed place for artists ? If we want to spend time on Flickr why not ? You, you sleep on this blog.. Is it better Mr Mousse ? Before to be a gallery, Flickr is a social network. There are rules to follow which fortunately are not established by you Mr NoFace.

      My sponsor is Google Translate 😀


  9. turns out pink stars and comments are mostly given only as a way to get visibility and favorites in return. she just like her boi, brandon licker.


  10. What kind of bullshit is this? Gossip? This isn’t gossip. It doesn’t even make sense. How in the hell do you even tell how many photos someone has starred… and, more importantly, why do you even give a single shit about it?

    I have no idea who you are, but this little goofy-ass site is nothing more than wild assumptions you’re pulling out of your ass and trying to make a “thing” where no thing exists.

    A pink star exists for no other reason than to show a photographer that you like and appreciate their work. And you’re giving someone shit for doing that? For being nice? Are you fucking kidding me?

    The world has enough assholes in it already, and honestly, you’re not very good at it anyway so why not just stop? Is this fun for you? Trashing other people? Because that’s a sorry-ass way to have fun. You should be embarrassed… and likely, you probably are and that’s why you stay anonymous.



    • Beth,
      If you care to look at the persons profile page on Flickr, it tells you right there how many favourites they have given, it’s listed right next to their favourite pictures.
      Ella has given this many – that is a fact.

      A lot of people enjoy this site and give their reactions, yourself included and who exactly are you to say if this site should exist or not? The owner of this site doesn’t come over and trash your blog saying you aren’t good at it etc.,!!

      The Anonymous feature is often used by people who are too scared to put their names to comments for fear of online disinhibition effect – myself included, not because we are embarrassed.

      I personally think that the fact Ella has a lot of favourites on her work and gives a lot of faves back is related, that’s my opinion and I’m allowed it just as you have yours!
      There are some great artists out there and unfortunately because of the way some people work on Flickr these people are being overlooked and not getting the recognition for their work that they deserve and that’s a real shame.


      • Can you explain why you like this site? What is it that you enjoy? The hurt it causes others? The drama it stirs up? The way it attempts to make others look bad?

        Why are great artists being overlooked because someone else is getting a bunch of stars? How are they related? I’m not being facetious, I’m genuinely curious. I typically find the people I follow by clicking on links through their profiles in SL. If someone follows me, I take a look at their own feed and see if I like their work or not. If I do, I follow them back. If it’s not for me, I don’t follow them back. But how does that keep other photographers from getting exposure? Flickr isn’t an art gallery. There are just as many people posting pics of their food as there are people who consider themselves photographers.

        Maybe the number of stars is related to the stars you give. That’s not the way I do Flickr so it doesn’t apply to me. I don’t really get a lot of stars and that’s okay. I don’t get any validation from that. It’s lovely that some people like them, but I take the photos because *I* like them and I like to share them. I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

        I’ve seen some of the “great artists” of SL through the pettiest little tantrums because they don’t get as many stars as some other people. A true artist wouldn’t give a damn. If they’re taking photos only to get virtual pink stars… then they aren’t true artists.


        • I like this site as it gives me a laugh and it also shows up people in their true colours!
          The articles where they have done their homework and provided statistics to back up their findings interest me.
          I also find it interesting that when faced with evidence of copying etc., the Brandon fan club write replies containing abuse and accusations of jealousy as they don’t seem to comprehend that he’s done anything wrong.

          Come on Beth surely you can see that Ella faving 340+ pics a day is excessive?
          She must have a hell of a lot of time to do that each day and IF she was a true artist and really concerned about making art she’d surely be doing that instead.

          There are some really great SL artists but it seems that if you don’t run with the cool kids in the in crowd then you don’t get asked to display your work in galleries or blog for the top creators etc., which is a great shame so they unfortunately never get the exposure that the others do.


          • Is faving 340+ a day excessive? I don’t know. I follow… hell, I don’t even know how many people I follow… but I go through my feed each day to fav the photos I like from the people I follow. I don’t do it to get favs in return- If I was, I’d clearly be sucking at it because my photos don’t get all that many favs. I think I probably average about 30 per photo, maybe, on a good day.

            Artists don’t create great work and then suddenly have them noticed by everyone. Hell, even Picasso had an agent. If you want your work to be seen, you have to promote it. You have to work for it, and not just by creating great work.

            Ella, who I don’t know at all… I think maybe I follow her, but that’s about it… is putting in the work to promote her photos. Yes, people do that… they fav and follow and comment and promote themselves. I’m not certain why she’s being dragged through the mud for it.

            The author of this post used Strawberry Singh as an example… she’s a well known photographer but yet she’s only given 14,000ish stars. Do you think for one second that means she doesn’t promote herself? She has more social network accounts than any human I know. She is the queen of SEO and she’s been working at it for years. Her photography is great, but do you think she’d be where she is now if she didn’t work for it?

            Anyone can do it… There is one photographer I’m not going to name that is considered the god among photographers. I’ve no idea why… his work is, in my opinion, way over-processed. There are many others. Some of them post their photos multiple times trying to rack up as many stars as possible. Some posts in dozens of groups. Some use ads. Some blog, some are all over Plurk, all over Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Some follow everyone and their mothers and fav and comment on every photo in order to play the star game.

            Their photos may not be the best, but they work for the exposure. Ella is hardly alone in doing this so I’m not sure why she’s being singled out. I see photos all the time that I think are mediocre at best with hundreds of stars. I know they’re working the star game, and I just don’t care. I’ve had people follow me before that unfollow me if I don’t immediately follow back and then try adding me again a few days later to see if I’ll follow them then. I don’t care. I’ll follow them if I enjoy their work, not because they follow me (I’ve gotten shit for that, too). I won’t follow people that put children in their photos… personal choice. I don’t like violent photos or photos with guns. My personal choice. They can follow me if they want… I’m still not going to follow them and see photos that I don’t enjoy in hopes of getting a meaningless star.

            I unfollow people who repost their photos. I might enjoy their work, but I don’t need to see it seven times a day. I stop following people who’ve clearly left SL or stopped posting photos. Why follow people who don’t post anything? THAT is why the ratio of people I follow to people who follow me is so out of whack. I clean up my list. I keep it manageable for the time I have so I can really take the time to look at the work of the photographers I enjoy.

            And this site doesn’t let you see someone’s true colors. You’re seeing the skewed opinion of the one person who writes these posts. The ones are interesting where they show real world items vs. SL items. But the petty ones like this? C’mon… This is just being mean to someone. The nit-picking ones where a photographer is shit on because they didn’t use an ankle-lock, or their hand slipped a little in PhotoShop or whatever? That’s just being tacky. These are photos people take for fun in a virtual world. Some have figured out a way to monetize them, but I don’t think anyone is getting rich off of Second Life photography. It’s for fun.

            And who the fuck is Brandon? I’ve lived my SL for eight years and have never encountered this…boi? What is that?

            Anyway, the fact of the matter is that Ella has worked for the exposure she’s gotten. Is it deserved because she’s such a great photographer? Hell if I know. Who am I to say if someone is fabulous or not? She’s put in the time and effort to promote her work. It’s not my thing… I don’t understand why someone would put in that amount of time for something that really doesn’t get you anything, but so? It doesn’t affect me. Good on her for doing whatever it is she feels the need to do. She’s acting as her own agent. If the other great photographers in SL want the same exposure, let them put in the work – or hire an agent to do it for them.

            I just think people should stop being mean to each other. In the grand scheme of things, it may not affect world change, but why go out of your way to make someone else feel like shit? Or why support it when someone else does? Do I really give one big fat hairy shit about the actual content of this site? Not really. Who is fucking who, who is not a PS expert, whatever… the meanness has just gotten under my skin recently with everything going on in the world and I guess I chose this as my mountain to die on. This is a mean site. SL Secrets is a mean site. It’s trashy and base, and ugly and takes pride in that.

            And I find that shameful.


    • If you’re oh so keen on people being nice then why not start with yourself?? I notice that YOU only follow a very small amount of people in comparison to your followers, and aren’t that keen on handing out the pink stars!!
      You hate this site so much yet you made a blog post about it!! LOL
      All about people being nice to each other, what a hypocrite you fucking are!!!!
      The fact that you only follow less than a quarter of the people who follow you is laughable yet you preach that

      No one “needs” to give stars… there is no punishment or reward for doing so or not doing so. It’s simply a nice thing to do when you like someone’s work. If someone believes they’re so talented that they can’t be bothered to show appreciation to others whose work they enjoy, their shittiness outshines their talent.

      I take it based on the evidence from your Flickr that you are talking about yourself???


      • You’re exactly right. I do only follow a quarter of the people that follow me. I’m not playing the star game. I follow those whose work I enjoy. And I unfollow those who are obviously playing the star game by posting the same photo multiple times. If people want to follow me, great. If they don’t, that’s great, too. I don’t follow people simply because they follow me. I follow them if I like their photography.

        As for accusing me of not giving stars… you’re grasping at straws. I star the work I enjoy. If numbers are so important, it seems I’ve given out over 100,000 stars.

        That’s hardly being hypocritical.


    • LMAO
      Lectures on behaviour from Beth who fucked a RL married man, wrote about it and took pictures!
      Were you being nice and kind when you behaved in this way Beth?
      Were you thinking how kind you were to his wife??
      In the end at least Hugh had some morals which was more than you did.


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