Still on the Blogger Manager Payment!

We got Whispered about the original link to the earlier post we did on Blogger Managers getting paid and more comments available on Neda post..Here it is.

“Hello,,, here is the original post about the payments… and u should read more comments from Neda post”

Neveril’s Facebook (Original Post)


Neda’s Facebook


3 thoughts on “Still on the Blogger Manager Payment!

  1. Honestly why are you all so upset over this? If someone wants to pay someone for advertising for them, and they do a good job.. what’s the big deal? One person up there says they pay 280k a month, but all I see is one particular person being singled out, who makes a lot less it seems. Again, if the designer can afford it and the person does their job, what’s the big deal? I don’t see any form of bragging either, just answers to a question that was asked about income. Some people really need to get a life.

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  2. I wasn’t bragging actually. A close friend was asking how much a blogging manager would cost her, and I told her it wouldn’t cost her much (if any at all). I shared that information to be helpful, as I manage over 100 bloggers now, with blogging checks monthly. I don’t feel I was unprofessional at all, merely informational for a friend. Though, your opinions are always welcomed.❤ (Not to mention I only have one friend that blogs, and was a blogger for the store before I even heard of them thanks though <3)


  3. Blogging is all a bunch of HS bs anyways. How talented or professional you might be means NOTHING. It’s all about who you know and who you’re friends with. OR if you have a penis. Then you’re guaranteed to get blogs cause it’s decided by horny women who gets them. It’s so fucking corrupt and misleading. Any ladies thinking of trying to blog…good luck. Nice to see tho that the blog management get paid so well for just hiring their fucking friends. Pathetic


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