Dakota Barzane Gets 12k Linden as Rezology Blogger Manager ðŸ˜³ðŸ˜¬

Dakota Barzane – Blogger Manager for NewSea & Rezology mentioned on Facebook that she gets paid 12k weekly as blogger manager for Rezology. This news came as a huge shock to residents such as Neda Andel who never knew blogger/ blogger manager do get paid and she expressed this on her Facebook page as seen below.

Below is proof …

Story : Facebook

5 thoughts on “Dakota Barzane Gets 12k Linden as Rezology Blogger Manager ðŸ˜³ðŸ˜¬

  1. If you read further down it says someone pays 280k a month.. Why aren’t they being singled out as well? Do you have something against this one particular person? If they do their job and the designer can afford it.. what does it matter how much they are paid? There wasn’t any bragging.


  2. So.. just curious.. What’s wrong with her answering a question honestly? It was asked how much, in the original post, blogging managers get paid. I don’t see any bragging here, or rubbing it in anyone’s faces. It was just an honest answer to a question someone asked. Should she have been dishonest (like most people) and lied about what she got paid? This post that you are showing the replies under is NOT the original post, again, someone asked how much blogging managers get paid, and it was in response to that.


  3. I wasn’t bragging actually. A close friend was asking how much a blogging manager would cost her, and I told her it wouldn’t cost her much (if any at all). I shared that information to be helpful, as I manage over 100 bloggers now, with blogging checks monthly. I don’t feel I was unprofessional at all, merely informational for a friend. Though, your opinions are always welcomed. ❤


  4. Bragging about how much money you get paid publicly is extremely unprofessional and distasteful. Makes me question the company she’s representing. Enough people stop purchasing products and it’ll be awful hard to pay these inflated “blog management fees” Boy am I shocked by this!!


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