6 thoughts on “Paola Mills – What is to like/ fave in this photo?🙈😳

  1. Again, I don’t like to hide myself, it is all written here as I am responsible for what I said and what I do. I have to be honest I follow the whisperer for some insight that is happening on second life especially within flickr community as FLICKR is really becoming the whole thing in SL now. I am not interested on some of your personal/ private news about others here, to me what ever someone decide to do in SL is their matter or business so I am not interested on that at all. I respect everyone privacy and their right to do what they want in SL.

    What I am interested the most is the issues you had brought forward especially regarding about how FLICKR work. To be honest, i am sure there are other bloggers friends facing this dilemma too as it was clearly said out during the last blogger support meeting during Seraphim birthday just few days ago. Some of us feel FLICKR is becoming a popularity contest, it is all about numbers and statistic. Everyone is crazy about getting their numbers or hits, that is why some of us bumping pictures just to get more likes or views, or like our friend brandon’s case that goes around spending time on commenting or awarding everyone’s work. those effort is really taking time, you have to sit down and really types all those or copy paste those awards. It is not those things are not appreciated, they do, they are, in fact it gives a good motivation for some to be better and get better. however when the things becomes excessive and no longer natural, it looses the meaning. it looses the impact and that is the sad truth about FLICKR today.

    so what is my take from here! I hope with this reminder without any negative outlook or view on specific individual becomes a wake up call for everyone including myself. i am not sure whether your “thewhisperer” effort will become effective … by all mean, continue giving us a wake up call.

    Cheers and peace, everyone!

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    • Maybe people should just be a little nicer to each other. Who favs what or who follows who, who the fuck gives a shit? Apparently you and your oxymoronic commenting. Mz blog everything and only friends with people of clout on Flickr. Fuck off.

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  2. Is this what your whispers are reduced to, whispering, on poorly edited Flickr Posts? *rolls eyes*
    IMO, this is a great shot, sure she did not edit a couple of things but, is this really whisper worthy? I suppose, if Brandon was licking her at the time, it would be.


    • I don’t have one as if all those people think that’s worth a fave them I’m glad I don’t bother as they need to have their eyes tested.
      Why don’t you share yours Anonymous?


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