The Colourful Second Life of Krys Vita!

Lona Lenroy and Pedro Naire are separated as shown in our last post and Krys Vita is the new love in Pedro’s life. The Whisperer just discovered that this is not her first attempt to dates her best friend exes.Someone whispered  to the Whisperer about Krys dating her best friend exes as seen below and we called this the “Spider Web of Love” 🙈.

Lona Lenroy’s ex Pedro Naire now seems to be with Krys Vita as seen on both their Flickrs but juicy gossip is Krys’s ex Tre – Tremeldazis (owner of the first sim La Vie and also Salt Water and Isle of Grace which he built with JenniferKatie Dunner) was previously with both her best friends JenniferKatie and Arol Lightfoot!!  

Last time I looked there were several items of his on her La Vie sim. He initially made a sim for her of the same name but then upset her and now she’s made one of her own.

Seems Krys likes to recycle her best friends ex’s!


Images :ArolJennifer , Krys

13 thoughts on “The Colourful Second Life of Krys Vita!

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  2. Well Arol is a Man in RL and JK is Kry’s alt, so I guess its their own little days of our lives
    Sim builders? I don’t think so, same flat boring sim with a few odd forest trees on a beach and a very poor attempt at terramformning and no thanks I will veto their next mess, I mean sim.

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  3. These three are just fucking boring now.
    They make pics and post links to music or add quotes about how sad they are in their lives – well here’s a thought – get the fuck out and look after your children and husband instead of continually chasing after men in SL!!!!!!


    • You’re not much better than her sitting there playing a video game while a baby sits watching. I saw your FB pic.
      You BOTH disgust me.


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