Designers! Stop with the Rigging Mess!

Designers this is getting really heated!. Algezares Magic – CEO of aQuarela Models posted about Rigging Mess on her Facebook

Is anyone able to explain me this rigging mess?Is this acceptable?Am I wrong if I call this as mess instead of mesh?I can be wrong, ok? I am just asking…It is sold as “Fitted mesh for Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara”

This statement resulted in a lot of words exchanges between her and Kiddo Oh – CEO of Dead Dollz. Some other residents had to give their inputs.


This is not only Algezares Magic ranting, other residents have also been ranting about the Maitreya Mesh Body, the Fitmesh and the Kits which currently the Kits is not available to all designer and the fact that Maitreya is one of the most popular bodies, some designers are still making outfit that don’t really fit the Maitreya mesh body, calling them Fitmesh and the HUDs become apparently useless in some of the situations.

Designers and Residents read the Facebook post below or visit the Facebook page for more information and also see the challenge proposal for the designers 🙂

Algezares Magi Cal Ok guys, thank you all for having participated on this subject. I think points are clear about rigging, fitting difficulties, etc etc etc. Now I wonder…. why there is not a themed event about Mesh Lace & Transparency? Have you seen a lot of this kind of clothes? Is it maybe because creators skills are not good enough? Lets make a transparent dress fitted for Maitreya’s body mesh… no alpha involved of course…. Thats my challenge proposal… Let’s see creators skill fitting something for Maitreya without HUD wink emoticon



Source : Facebook

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