John Herring – CEO Windlight Magazine Portrays False Identity!

Someone just whispered to The Whisperer and we are spilling it all out. Now before some fans and accomplice come blabbing and sending solidarity messages, first and foremost we don’t like to dive into people’s real life business but John Herring – CEO Windlight Magazine is the king of Real Life and Second Life (side eyes) , the spotlight is on him. Enjoy!

The image above pretty much shows that John Herring, who is partnered to Eleseren Brianna – Miss Virtual World 2015, is a fake. The images he uses in his Facebook profile is actually not the same person and definitely not John Herring since he clearly shows lack of knowledge of the military and marathon running. 

The image is actually of an enlisted Marine taken by photographer Nate Eckman, who captured it at a rocket range in South Korea. John Herring stated in his Real Life tab on his SL profile that he was/is a Marine officer… though that’s clearly a Lance Corporal rank which is not a commissioned officer.

Judging from the attire of the man in the other image and those behind him, that is from a marathon run, not a golf course.

Image :Nate Eckman and Facebook

8 thoughts on “John Herring – CEO Windlight Magazine Portrays False Identity!

  1. A person does not have to be a licensed attorney to file a dispute with a government legal agency, so the long commentary from anonymous is just lies. Either way spreading false gossip about people and stealing their Facebook photos is not cool. People do not want their real life identities out in the open from Second Life. No matter the situation, John has a right to remain anonymous, how would you feel anonymous if your real life identity was out in the open?


    • It’s unlawful to impersonate an attorney. The C&D letter purports, and so does John Herring, to be written by attorney N. Jessica Goldsmith. Sending a threatening cease and desist letter under false pretenses, or for malicious reasons, could even be a crime that exposes you to potential counter legal action.

      It seems to me that the article did him a favor by disputing the authenticity of his claims that the pictures are of him, if his concern is that he DOESN’T want his real life out there. I think, though, that his beef is with being called an identity thief, so I’m not sure why there’s an argument about protecting his privacy when the accusation is that he stole someone else’s. Are you advocating that stealing an identity is a legitimate way to protect your own?


    • Giant catfish thrive in tiny, fetid ponds; this is not news.

      The C&D letters attached are boilerplate forms, downloadable by anybody with a computer. It’s authenticity is questionable as it is not drafted on letterhead (standard procedure by any licensed attorney) and contains no contact information to reach the attorney, nor a signature. A search of both California and North Carolina Bar Associations does not reveal N. Jessica Goldsmith to be a licensed attorney admitted to either bar, and a google search does not reveal an attorney by that name, either, so how one could possibly ask her any questions (as you have been invited to do by the last paragraph of the “Cease and Desist” letter) is beyond me. 28 US code 4101 does not state that defamation is unlawful; it is simply a definition of the term defamation as it relates to 28 US Code Chapter 181 – Foreign Judgments (the US does not recognize foreign judgments on defamation because they do not adhere to our 1st Amendment rights of free speech.)

      As for the photos – I wonder how Nate Eckman would feel about the use of his photo to represent this individual. To find out, simply go to, click on the “Contact” link and ask him via phone or email. I’m sure he could confirm (or deny) the identity.

      Don’t hold your breath waiting to be sued, and don’t cower to a bully behind a keyboard.


  2. First of all, I never said when the photo was taken or the date or time it was. I am proud that I started off enlisted and and went to OCS and moved up as an officer, so get your facts straight. Secondly, yes I was in a marathon I have ran them and we went golfing later. Just because I do not put my entire business, name, and what I do out there doesnt mean it isnt true. Check your facts before you spew lies and hatred.


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