Still on the Versus Magazine Brouhaha!..Glamdiosa claims registered trademark of clean and high quality….

Lolauk on Facebook claims that Glamdiosa is a registered trademark of clean and high quality as stated in their  Official Release of Glamdiosa in response to the earlier post from  Versus magazine.


Well we don’t understand one bit of Spanish so we tried to  work with translations only :-). For those who understand Spanish you can visit the page and read all about it in Spanish.


Read more of the response in the link below



Some thoughts on these brouhaha are listed below:

  1. Glamdiosa since you claim to be reputable, all you should have done was handle this situation very amicably and privately because reading your side of the story and Versus side of the story, this just seem like a planned vendetta  on the magazine.
  2. Do not take food from the mouth of another and expect to eat yours for long. Each person is trying to create a business in a small world, you run an business imagine it taken away for just a little thing that would be addressed behind closed doors.
  3. For Versus magazine.. you also are to blame because since you understand the kind of client you had in your hands, you would have tried to show off the cover page to them and ensure the cover sort their egos that way you will avoid such difficult situations.
  4. This clip from Glamdiosa Facebook : * Glamdiosa is a registered trademark of clean and high quality that has never tried to take advantage of anyone and always gives his best service to its clients in helping them, advise them and protect them. My Clients Pay Mark (a registered trademark is always quality assurance). * versus is a registered trademark by an international designer very very important in the world and this woman is benefiting financially when she doesn’t have anything legal with the name versus. Really!!! We just checked and confirm the trademark for Glamdiosa  is registered to Creech Steve.. Even a Google search still return Steve Creech as the registered owner. Does that suddenly relate to you? oh maybe you are going to sue him as well (Side eyes)
  5. * Glamdiosa (my husband and I) wanted to buy the brand versus but copyright has told us that he was already registered (bad luck). Is this really necessary? If you check the United State Patent and Trademark Office, you will realise that Glamdiosa is not registered either in your name.. expect your name is Steve Creech and you are an America. And for a search on Versus it does return a lot of rolls,so where are your facts actually coming from and which real life owner of Versus are you referring to?


Source : Facebook and United States Patents and Trademark Office

Anyone with any juicy details we are all dying to know should come whisper to the whisperer here at :


One thought on “Still on the Versus Magazine Brouhaha!..Glamdiosa claims registered trademark of clean and high quality….

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