Drama! Bootney and Inertia all lovey dovey and Neva already hating!! Move on already Neva….

Lol drama never ceases in this camp. Some days ago was Neva Crystall’s birthday and her friends who are among the best photographers in Second Life decided to take a birthday photo each displaying on their Flickr page to express their birthday wishes to her.
Neva kept responding to same birthday photos and wishes from same people in various Flickr pages and we all noticed her ignoring Inertia in them all.


Inertia posted her own picture and not a thanks or appreciation like in other birthday posts to her and yet she was responding to friends on Inertia page who already wished her in  their own posts as well as others. (Bad Luck because you shouldn’t have even come to her page and ignore her wishes).

Well we all felt what the heck, that’s her problem until we finally saw the reason. This was very clear like the letters on the wall all displayed in both  Bootney and Inertia’s Flickr pages lol.



Neva can you just move on already, you claim to have the best man (rolling eyes) and yet you hate a friend for dating your ex really! Remember you out rightly stole another friend’s man! Don’t be bitter your friends have a way of working around situations, you should do same 🙂 !!!
After this post, please do come on Flickr or Facebook and post a picture of you and Inertia talking or behaving like you don’t already hate her (*sides eyes*)

Images from  Flickr :  Bootney, Neva and Inertia

Anyone with any juicy details we are all dying to know should come whisper to the whisperer here at : thewhisperersl@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Drama! Bootney and Inertia all lovey dovey and Neva already hating!! Move on already Neva….

  1. Neva is a business woman and these friendships are calculated
    #Fake people

    False people seeking fame due to poor real life.


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