Second Life Erotic Photographer – Skip Staheli & Delinda Dench Engaged!

Wow after 9 years in Second life, Mr Erotic Photographer – Skip Staheli finally decided to pop that most important question and Miss Delinda said Yes.


Well wont blame him, Miss Delinda has been showering him with dozes of love portions  :-), some days ago Skip shared on his Flickr a birthday present from his just newly engaged- Delinda

Skip Birthday.jpg

After reading the messages again and again lol, the right thing was for Mr Skip to just pop the question 🙂 and glad she said Yes (*side eye* who wouldn’t say yes?).

Congrats to the newly engaged.

Images : Flickr and Facebook

Anyone with any juicy details we are all dying to know should come whisper to the whisperer here at :

3 thoughts on “Second Life Erotic Photographer – Skip Staheli & Delinda Dench Engaged!

    • IKR? hahahahahaha you have been taking photos of nudes and many photos are erotic nudes, yes. hahahahahaha As a social butterfly myself, I understand your need to be popular Mr Staheli, and your clients probably ask for it – literally, they want to be photographed in the nude – they are shot hairless and naked with a green or white background behind them and then you do all the graphic work. I get it. But it’s so cheap on so many levels!! hahahahaha right on !! Erotic photographer, there ya go! The only reason I understand you laughin is the money you charge for each photo and there are still morons that go to you as a graphic painter LMAO


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