Hmm! The Security Orb Scam was actually a Gift?

Some days ago we posted about the Scammer: Worse than Lag ,a security orb scam which was gifted to residents and the news was wide spread over the grid and in social media as a scam. We were just alerted to Sydd’s Flickr saying that the Security Orb was not a scam but an actually gift. Hmm!

Haa if this is really true, GLH – German Land Holding please find a better way of gifting the resident next time because we sure love gifts :-). As an apology for scaring the shit out of the residents…you can gift all resident an apology gift 🙂 not the Security Orb but something better loll.






Source : Flickr

Scammers:Worse than Lag! – Blueberry on the “Security Orb”Scam!

This message below : Scammers. Literally worse than lag was posted by Blueberry on her various social medias as well and it has been shared by Second Life residents in social medias and around the grid as a way of notifying and also sensitizing the resident about the new scam in-world / method of stealing money from residents in world.

Read and also vote or help out in ways we can stop this.

Scammers-Worse than Lag02.jpg

Hi guys!

As most of you all by now, we have been dealing with the “Discount, Gift Card” scam for a while now. They have evolved and now they are coming up with new ways to find a way to entice people to wear or rez their scripted objects. The newest one, yes, drum roll, is a “security orb” they give away as a promotional gift.

I have opened a jira that might help prevent them from doing any more damage to the less suspecting part of the community.

If you feel as though this might be an appropriate solution, please upvote. If you have another solution to the problem, please post as a suggestion to the Second Life Jira and link in the comments below.

Thank you so much.


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Designers! Stop with the Rigging Mess!

Designers this is getting really heated!. Algezares Magic – CEO of aQuarela Models posted about Rigging Mess on her Facebook

Is anyone able to explain me this rigging mess?Is this acceptable?Am I wrong if I call this as mess instead of mesh?I can be wrong, ok? I am just asking…It is sold as “Fitted mesh for Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara”

This statement resulted in a lot of words exchanges between her and Kiddo Oh – CEO of Dead Dollz. Some other residents had to give their inputs.


This is not only Algezares Magic ranting, other residents have also been ranting about the Maitreya Mesh Body, the Fitmesh and the Kits which currently the Kits is not available to all designer and the fact that Maitreya is one of the most popular bodies, some designers are still making outfit that don’t really fit the Maitreya mesh body, calling them Fitmesh and the HUDs become apparently useless in some of the situations.

Designers and Residents read the Facebook post below or visit the Facebook page for more information and also see the challenge proposal for the designers 🙂

Algezares Magi Cal Ok guys, thank you all for having participated on this subject. I think points are clear about rigging, fitting difficulties, etc etc etc. Now I wonder…. why there is not a themed event about Mesh Lace & Transparency? Have you seen a lot of this kind of clothes? Is it maybe because creators skills are not good enough? Lets make a transparent dress fitted for Maitreya’s body mesh… no alpha involved of course…. Thats my challenge proposal… Let’s see creators skill fitting something for Maitreya without HUD wink emoticon



Source : Facebook

Its Monday -Something to Refresh the Mind!

There are some particular photos you see all over the various social media platform, even if the photographer’s are not your friends, we just have to respect them so much because of the great effort they put in their works to make one smile and always imprints those nice memories whenever you look at their photos.

For weeks, we have been seeing these same photos been shared by various friends, groups etc. and we always get that warm feeling when we see them again and again. We are sorry but we couldn’t help but post about it..


Miaa Rebane – The moment we saw this great shot, we never forgot about it, it was always playing in our minds for days hence it takes the first post here.


Skippy Beresford : Little man of great words and yet his photo speak same great inspiring words.. We particularly like this one,it speaks more words than ever.

Going forward we will have a session on the blog to share such inspiring stuffs that are really refreshing and worth looking at.

Images : Miaa Rebane and Skippy Beresford

John Herring – CEO Windlight Magazine Portrays False Identity!

Someone just whispered to The Whisperer and we are spilling it all out. Now before some fans and accomplice come blabbing and sending solidarity messages, first and foremost we don’t like to dive into people’s real life business but John Herring – CEO Windlight Magazine is the king of Real Life and Second Life (side eyes) , the spotlight is on him. Enjoy!

The image above pretty much shows that John Herring, who is partnered to Eleseren Brianna – Miss Virtual World 2015, is a fake. The images he uses in his Facebook profile is actually not the same person and definitely not John Herring since he clearly shows lack of knowledge of the military and marathon running. 

The image is actually of an enlisted Marine taken by photographer Nate Eckman, who captured it at a rocket range in South Korea. John Herring stated in his Real Life tab on his SL profile that he was/is a Marine officer… though that’s clearly a Lance Corporal rank which is not a commissioned officer.

Judging from the attire of the man in the other image and those behind him, that is from a marathon run, not a golf course.

Image :Nate Eckman and Facebook