Azoury brings En Puntas to Secondlife – The Ballet Knife Pointe Shoe

The Agrippina Ballet Shoes which was posted on Azoury’s Flickr  just brought back memories.


The Ballet shoes are similar to the one in the Javier Pérez video of a ballerina who was given pointe shoe that was extended with kitchen knife to dance on top of a piano. That video had lot of mixed emotions and feelings in one,someone termed it beautiful Madness lol.


Seeing a similar ballet shoes from Azoury for the new Slink pointe feet just felt right. However lets hope the Ladies don’t start experiencing those mixed emotions when wearing the shoes lol after all pain always goes with beauty (side eyes).

This would have been a perfect “See what I saw in real life” … lol just that it didn’t have a real life designer.

Watch the Full performance of En Puntas 2013 by Javier Pérez


Source : Azoury Flickr , Images on Buzzfeed, Javier Pérez

Anyone with any juicy details we are all dying to know should come whisper to the whisperer here at :

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