Pedro Naire and Lona Lenroy : Separated?

Late last year, precisely in December, it was Lona Lenroy and ARnnO PLAneR (spell checking *side eyes*) that were separated and then came Lona Lenroy and Pedro Naire. Only just months, these two seem to have ended their partnership in Second Life. But as always, Lona Lenroy  tries to play it Kool and act matured about it, making everyone believe they are still in a relationship.


Lona quits playing the “I ♥ u” game to our faces, It’s no more a secret and you seems to be the one begging since you leave comments on Pedro’s Flickr photos repeating same syllabus “great pic baby ♥ love u” with no response back.

With Pedro, this seem to be over since he no longer comments on her Flickr giving the usual I Love your messages and making us all jealous (rolling eyes) and he has cleaned his Second Life Profile of any encounter with Lona. hmmm



Source : Lona Lenroy’s Flickr

Anyone with any juicy details we are all dying to know should come whisper to the whisperer here at :

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