Skippy Beresford – lil solniskho, no more a Xenga and seem to have learnt how to stand up for himself..


Sometimes in life all the excitement and rush do come with sadness, loneliness and solitude….

True power proceed not from force, but from love….


Skippy Beresford , the little man who has the best quotes ever and who calls himself the son of Neva and Keon Xenga seem to have learnt how to stand up by himself despite his parents are all over the place with their RK poses and loving life.
Well this seem to be obvious now as seen in their Second Life profiles, Flickr and Facebook , and this shows that all parties (Neva, Keon and Skippy) have parted ways. Hmm always drama with these people (rolling eyes ).

Skippy's Profile

                                                                    Skippy’s before and after profile: No more I live with my mama and papa …

Skippy's PICK

                                                                    Skippy’s before and after pick: My papa and My Mama taken off Skippy’s Profile


                                                                          Neva’s before and after pick: Our Kids is taken off the Pick


                                                                                      Keon’s before and after pick : Our Kids replaced with Blair

Source : Flickr

Anyone with any juicy details we are all dying to know should come whisper to the whisperer here at :

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