ModeLS Director’s Message on ModeLS Magazine Plagiarizes!

The Whisperer got a mail from Boniefacio Resident – Director of ModeLS Magazine with regards to our previous post on  ModeLS Magazine Plagiarizes! as shown below:

Hello there,

I found your website cause someone send me the link to it and well i must say the person that send you the information on …

… forgets that ModeLS magazine did mention the source in the content page !
I include a screenshot of the page and also a link to the online magazine. Maybe another type of letters should be used next time to make it more clear, i admit that.
ModeLS magazine
have a wonderful day !
Below is the Content for Model Issue 34
How great and convenient, the source is mentioned in tiny print on the Content page and not even a mention in the publication (rolling eyes). For all we care these modification could have happened after the blog post (side eyes).
Source : ModeLS Magazine
Anyone with any juicy details we are all dying to know should come whisper to the whisperer here at :

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