Ponchituti Boucher Accused of Copybotting *PosESioN*

We just got whispered by residents that Ponchituti Boucher has been accused of copybotting poses from *PosESioN*.


Ponchituti Boucher was featuring some very hot new poses at her new store called  ProPose. When all of the sudden it was found that a lot of the poses where copy-botted and stolen from *PosESioN*.

Below is the message that was sent out in the *PosESioN*Poses group by the owner:
“Hello Dears, I have a IMPORTANT notice, i got from a lot of people some information about this and I was checking a new pose store called Propose by Ponchituti Boucher, and they have copybotted some of posesion poses, if you see more posesion poses there, please make a gyazo and send it to us, I hope to stop this soon, we will report this asap. Thank you for your support”

Owner of *PosESioN*: Dahriel Resident

She is also said to be closing her store (rolling eye)

Source of Original Photo editted :Flickr

Anyone with any juicy details we are all dying to know should come whisper to the whisperer here at : thewhisperersl@gmail.com.

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