Skippy Beresford – lil solniskho, no more a Xenga and seem to have learnt how to stand up for himself..


Sometimes in life all the excitement and rush do come with sadness, loneliness and solitude….

True power proceed not from force, but from love….


Skippy Beresford , the little man who has the best quotes ever and who calls himself the son of Neva and Keon Xenga seem to have learnt how to stand up by himself despite his parents are all over the place with their RK poses and loving life.
Well this seem to be obvious now as seen in their Second Life profiles, Flickr and Facebook , and this shows that all parties (Neva, Keon and Skippy) have parted ways. Hmm always drama with these people (rolling eyes ).

Skippy's Profile

                                                                    Skippy’s before and after profile: No more I live with my mama and papa …

Skippy's PICK

                                                                    Skippy’s before and after pick: My papa and My Mama taken off Skippy’s Profile


                                                                          Neva’s before and after pick: Our Kids is taken off the Pick


                                                                                      Keon’s before and after pick : Our Kids replaced with Blair

Source : Flickr

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MDM – Fotios Kahanamoku Whispers to the Whisperers 🙄

The MDM Fotios Kahanamoku just whispers on the post we sent earlier on SL Top Models Exposed

Hey this is the amazing douchebag.First of all thanks for the shout out. I wish you big success on your blog.But as a gentleman I need to do the right thing and inform you that some of these models mentioned in your post such as suki and ava have never posed for me.A link to the longer version of my reply is here!

The MDM is exposed…   ps. keep up the good work

Below is his response to the blogspot on his Flickr page   

To clear the air, we @ the whisperer cannot prove the authenticity of the information sent directly to us , we were only whispered to like you just whispered 😬. But like the saying there is no smoke without a fire!

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Exposed! Second Life Top Models involved in Secret Sex & Nude Poses with SL Million Dollar Man – Fotios Kahanamoku!

Someone just whispered to the Whisperer and this is so interesting to read (side eyes) !
*Message was unaltered expect to correct the typo*
mdm 1
To whom it may concern, I recently have learned that there are a few people who call themselves professional models doing unprofessional pictures with an unprofessional guy. This Guy calls him self the Million Dollar Man. For short MDM real SL name is Fotios Kahanamoku. He has a secretary Paris Evermore who is a professional Models he pays her to contact other professional models to do pictures. This is an example of the notecard he has sent out.
mdm's lingerie models
Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I am Fotios Kahanamoku, president of MDM enterprisers and one of the biggest producers of lingerie, nude and erotic pictures. In the middle of January of 2015, I have made an advertisement in which I was looking for 2 nude models and one lingerie model, I have ended up hiring not one but seven Lingerie models and I would like to share with the group (a group I provide with legit jobs for years) the group picture I have done with them
I have also hired plenty of nude models, but I won`t post any of the nude pictures I have produced here, out of respect to the nude-o-phobic members who happen to read this NC.
mdm 0013
If you however feel comfortable to be in a picture like the above, if you would like to receive the highest payment for print modeling(1000-2000l per pic) ,there is in SL, feel free to fill this application and send it to me Fotios Kahanamoku . If you have applied in my previous calls but you have not been selected, feel free to do it again. Just because I could not hire you then, it does not mean I won`t hire you in the future.
Have fun and make art!!
mdm with his property
On that note in the modeling community we frown on anything like this it is very unprofessional and unmoral to most of us! I mean what you do behind closed doors is fine. But when you run a company or Well known Workshop and you pose nude , or doing sexual pictures that’s when there is a BIG problem. The people that are involved with this amazing douchebag is
* Ava Jhamin-Owner of L’Amour Productions
*Suki Rexen- Owner of Dallas Modeling Company (DMC) AND the DALLAS MODELING ACADEMY (DMA) *Suki Rexen- part owner in model’s Workshop
*LOPEZ Fairlady -DMC COO( which suki owns) * lets not forget his secretary that also works for Ava and Suki, Paris Evermore. The things that make you go um!! They shouldn’t be running a company and preaching to keep their profiles clean and professional. A bunch of two faced people…. I am showing his flick, please know its not PG @ all ,the women with less tits are models.
mdm and his top models
Start tagging your top models friends in the photos (LOL).

Source Of Photos : Fotios Kahanamoku


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ModeLS Director’s Message on ModeLS Magazine Plagiarizes!

The Whisperer got a mail from Boniefacio Resident – Director of ModeLS Magazine with regards to our previous post on  ModeLS Magazine Plagiarizes! as shown below:

Hello there,

I found your website cause someone send me the link to it and well i must say the person that send you the information on …

… forgets that ModeLS magazine did mention the source in the content page !
I include a screenshot of the page and also a link to the online magazine. Maybe another type of letters should be used next time to make it more clear, i admit that.
ModeLS magazine
have a wonderful day !
Below is the Content for Model Issue 34
How great and convenient, the source is mentioned in tiny print on the Content page and not even a mention in the publication (rolling eyes). For all we care these modification could have happened after the blog post (side eyes).
Source : ModeLS Magazine
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Burly Tigerpaw’s Woman and Nudity War!

Since Burly posted on his Flickr that his relationship is over because of his nudity likes.. He seem to have become the nudity himself (rolling eye)


Some days ago one of his women was in a jealousy rage and as at today, he has taken those photos off his Flickr page LOL. The whisperer has a copy of those photos and here is the picture and comments that followed (side eyes). 

Jealous Mikil Tiki posted comments on his latest photo with Marianne after Burly took a photo with  Mikil the previous day.. The conversation on Flickr is interesting because Mikil don’t want to seem angry but I bet she is LOL and you all agree because the photo is down on Flickr😜

Burly Tigerpaw1

Photo with Marianne on the left and Mikil on the right


Source:  Burly Tigerpaw’s Flickr

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Dahriel of *PosESioN* and Frolic Mill in Copybot War!

Facebook has been heating up since the news of Ponchituti Boucher Copybotting Poses and it has been word for word..

Ponchituti Boucher’s advocate Frolic Mill decide to get in the war and was lashed by Dahriel owner of *PosESioN*.


Source : Dahriel’s Facebook ,Frolic’s Facebook

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Ponchituti Boucher Response To Coppybotting Scandal!

Yesterday we posted about Ponchituti Boucher Accused of Copybotting *PosESioN*., she took to her Facebook page to set the record straight with a long and detailed letter TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN


Did we also miss a TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN on ModeLS Magazine Plagiarizes!  (rolling eyes )

Source : Facebook 

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Ponchituti Boucher Accused of Copybotting *PosESioN*

We just got whispered by residents that Ponchituti Boucher has been accused of copybotting poses from *PosESioN*.


Ponchituti Boucher was featuring some very hot new poses at her new store called  ProPose. When all of the sudden it was found that a lot of the poses where copy-botted and stolen from *PosESioN*.

Below is the message that was sent out in the *PosESioN*Poses group by the owner:
“Hello Dears, I have a IMPORTANT notice, i got from a lot of people some information about this and I was checking a new pose store called Propose by Ponchituti Boucher, and they have copybotted some of posesion poses, if you see more posesion poses there, please make a gyazo and send it to us, I hope to stop this soon, we will report this asap. Thank you for your support”

Owner of *PosESioN*: Dahriel Resident

She is also said to be closing her store (rolling eye)

Source of Original Photo editted :Flickr

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