Nic Bour Versus Neva Crystall! Did You Ever Guess?

Did anyone ever guess that Nic Bour (owner of Flux Sur Me) and Neva Crystall (owner of Neva Sim) actually have a lot in common and both women don’t seem to be friends or just don’t display friendship openly.

Nic Bour Vs Neva Crystall

Let start the Guessing!

  • Names  : Both ladies have their names starting with the Letter  N – Nic Bour , Neva Crystall and their men names starting with the Letter K  – Khaos Hurricane and Keon Xenga. Probably that was why Boo was kicked out (rolling eyes) 😁.


  • Estate Management, Landscaping & Rental : Both share similar interest in Estate Management & Rental services and they both own the most popular and well known estates in Second Life. Nic Bour owns Flux Sur Me and Neva Crystall own Neva River and others in various sims. Landscaping is also a passion for both women as seen in their various estates and sims and landscaping done for their friends.

Landscaping & Estate

  • Interior Décor : Both share same passion and styling for interior décor

Interior Skills

  • Events : Nic Bour runs the Flux Sur Me Events and Exclusive stores where she host top notch second life designers and also present live music performances. Neva Crystall also does same with Shiny Shabby Events , lot of great designers and also runs the Black Milk Music Live Performance.

Estate & Events

  • Designing Interest:  Nic Bour makes shapes and Neva and Keon just started pose making but if you look at both of their store Logo, it so similar with the use of simple initials and the simplicity of the logo.

MarketPlace & Stores

  • Photography Skills : You can easily see that both of them are great photographers, something bothers one the single fact that if asked blindly who is who, we did rather say they are same women. Photography styling, texturing, editing, concept all speak same language. Like same person trying to feed us all different angles. Same similarity  is also present in photo shots with their men.

Same Taste in PhotographyPhotoSkillsTheirMen in PhotoWith 98% of same interest in almost everything such as Fashion,styling, landscaping, estate management, interior,men,events, music, stores,friends etc. These two women are publicly not friends despite they share 99% of same circle of friends, they don’t ever like each other work, comment on it, show recognition of each other work or even favor each other work on Flickr. Kind of Strange right?

We would summarize this in simple word “Same Mind, Same Ideas equal Same Person behind that computer..” But this is left for others to fill in their own blank gaps themselves.

Sources : Nic Bour Flickr and Neva Crystall Flickr

Anyone with the juicy details we are all dying to know should come whisper to the whisperer here at :

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