…Dont get involved in Charity Stuff in Second Life… – Eleseren Brianna (Former Miss Virtual World) advises!

Some discussion about involvement in Second Life Charity Event have been heating up for the past few days on Facebook . Eleseren Brianna (Former Miss Virtual World 2015)  who has once organized a charity event in Second Life felt she has an expert opinion on Charity events “[16:38] Eles (eleseren.brianna): I think, unless you know the people concerned very well indeed, just dont get involved in charity stuff in SL..most of it is done because it gives them social cachet and not because they truly connect with it in a caring and authentic way”


These few words started a huge conversation about Second Life Charity and the criteria for how to get involved and not get involved in Charity events in Second Life.

Read more on the Facebook Link and see all the interesting comments and also learn one or two things about Second Life Charity.


Sources : Flickr

Anyone with any juicy details we are all dying to know should come whisper to the whisperer here at : thewhisperersl@gmail.com. 




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