Hethwen Collinwood Reveals more on EvaKelini (Owner KELINI Haute Couture)

With the ¬†Laura Poussin’s 60,000k Dream wedding dress drama still ongoing with no solid conclusion or update, Hethwen Collinwood¬† just revealed more¬†on EvaKelini¬†as seen on his Facebook and a detailed list¬†of her alts.


And all Evakelini can say on her Flickr’s Page¬†is


With Message below


Source from Evakelini’s Flickr and Hethwen Collinwood’s Facebook

Anyone with any juicy details we are all dying to know should come whisper to the whisperer here at : thewhisperersl@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Hethwen Collinwood Reveals more on EvaKelini (Owner KELINI Haute Couture)

  1. If you ever heard his voice, you would know what person he actually is. Low class and ignorant. His heart is not good. He only thinks to use people. I was scared of his anger also I was a bid brainwashed by his lies before. But this is my SL. I come for fun not for supporting one poor old moron. Why am I have to be controled by this person who is actually NOTHING ?
    If you want to be a top model but also want to be proud yourself, I really suggest you to stay away from this person. All the modeling agencies and CEO in SL have some issues , but they are way better than Heth.


  2. Heth doesn’t know how to run business, he is totally amateur that is the reason he always create very nasty drama for every little small things.

    Heth has multiple account too. He told me he has 8 alt accounts.
    He use them for voting to his store.
    Some of his alt have stores for jewelries and furnitures.

    Then why he accuse Eva Kelini because she has multiple accounts ?
    This does not make any sense and I just shake my head.

    All these fighting Heth create is NOT nessesary at all.
    Why he just shut his mouth in public ?

    Heth will never change. His brain is too old and he will be even worse in the future.
    Just leave him alone. Don’t buy from his store. Don’t support him.


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